Sunday, October 7, 2018

Life: It Goes On - October 7

I'm off to my sister's this weekend so this will be a short post. We're enjoying lovely fall colors and the company of my sister and her husband, my niece and her fiancee, and, later today, we'll head back south to see Mini-me and Ms. S. Now if it weren't so bloody chilly instead of the beautiful weather we should be getting this time of year, it would be perfect! Pics to come later.

Last Week I:

Listened To: Help! How the heck am I supposed to finish an 11 hour audiobook in 6 days? Even given the 50-60 minutes a day I'm listening while I'm driving, I have a hard time working in another hour of listening every single day. So I keep getting part way through a book and then it has to be returned and I have to put it on hold and hope I can remember the book by the time I get it again. So I got 25% of the way through Love and Ruin before it was returned. Luckily that timed out just as The Hate U Give was available and I'm trying like crazy to finish it in before my time is up. But it's kind of, sort of, rude to put on headphones and listen to a book while you're in the car with someone.

Watched: The Voice, football, and the Yankees-A's wildcard game. Miss H is a rabid Yankees fan so I'm sure she'll be commanding the television as far into the post-season as their journey takes them.

Read: I read When The Men Were Gone and now I'm back to The Library Book, which I'll finish this weekend and then I think I'll pick up Becoming Mrs. Lewis: The Improbable Love Story of Joy Davidman and C. S. Lewis. Or Bellman and Black. You know I have them both with me!

Made: Lots of salads to use as many of the fresh-picked tomatoes as we can, fajitas, and gingerbread which I've brought with me to share with Mini-me and my brother-in-law.

Enjoyed: See first paragraph.

This Week I’m: 

Planning: A possible mini-weekend trip later this month.

Thinking About: Putting on my political big girl pants this week and getting out to register people to vote and getting to some rallies.

Feeling: Happy.

Looking forward to: It should be a quiet week which is always something I need after time away from home.

Question of the week: I've been looking at a lot of home decorating bloggers and Instagram accounts lately and so many of them add very little color to their decor and call it fall decorating, just a bit of nature and some white pumpkins. How about you? Do you load up with the fall colors and is your style more subdued?


  1. Fall color. The new fall decor is very wintery, in my opinion. Sparse and minimal. I kind of like it. I do love orange though as a color so I work it in here and there.

  2. I hope you get your mini weekend trip later this month! I'm so glad you're getting out there to register voters and such! I hope it turns into some big wins this November.

    I love Fall and Halloween. So I put it all up at the start of September. It's a great mix of scary and fall decor. But I would not call myself a professional home decorator so...ha ha! I hope you have a fun and fulfilling week.

  3. I live for the colors this time of year. My house is always fall colors, so I tend to go overboard when they are in season. Pumpkins and oranges and russet reds and browns galore!