Sunday, October 28, 2018

Life: It Goes On - October 28

I hope you're enjoying as beautiful a fall weekend as we've been enjoying! Given that we've had snowstorms by this time of year some years, we are very happy to be able to have the doors open, spend time soaking up the sun, and to get the last of the yard work done for the fall without having to be bundled up. You all know how much I love the sunshine and I think we may even get to eat birthday dinner on the patio!

Last Week I:
And this is how autumn
came to be known as fall

Listened To: I finished Roxane Gay's Bad Feminist yesterday. Have to admit that it made me more than a little uncomfortable at times. I have The Hate U Give back so I can finish that this week.

Watched: Football, volleyball, baseball - it's a good time of year for sports lovers!

Read: I'm toiling away at Being Mrs. Lewis. The story is interesting enough but there is just so much description of the land, the buildings, the look of people. I've starting skimming at this point or it may take me another week to make myself get through this one.

Made: Stuff peppers, peach crisp, and a new pumpkin dip - it's all about fall when it comes to eating around here lately. Tonight I'm making twice-baked potatoes and cinnamon homemade ice cream to go with the steaks The Big Guy is grilling.

Enjoyed: Happy hour with friends the other night, movie night with my book club, and nice afternoon/evening with my parents yesterday to celebrate my mom's and my birthdays.

This Week I’m: 

Planning: Nothing. Oh, that's not true. I'm starting to plan Christmas decorating. I've been following more home decor IG accounts and blogs and those ladies are starting to talk holiday decorating. But I've also been watching The Cozy Minimalist course for winter and she has me entirely rethinking what I've done previously.

Thinking About: Taking a day off this week just to get somethings done around here that don't get done day to day.

Feeling: Like I need to make my own 40 Bags In 40 Days. Maybe I'll just designate November to get 30 bags out in 30 days. All of this "stuff" is weighing heavy on me and I know how much better I'll feel if I lighten up around here.

Looking forward to: Going to see the movie RBG tomorrow night and celebrating our 36th anniversary on Tuesday.

Question of the week: I made that pumpkin dip for a food day at work. What's your go-to when you have to take food to work?


  1. Hope you enjoy the RBG movie. I thought it was fantastic!

  2. I rarely take food to work because there are too many people in this department (100+). Bagels are popular here. Donuts sometimes. These are what people tend to bring the most often. If I had my choice I'd bring Brie, pears and wine. LOL.