Sunday, October 4, 2020

Life: It Goes On - October 4, 2020

Happy Sunday! I was starting to type that it was chilly but sunny here today but then I realized that you don't need a Sunday Omaha forecast every week. I seriously need to think of a new way to greet you on Sundays! We're headed off shortly to have Sunday dinner with my parents. They are reducing the number of gardens they have to maintain and we are the lucky recipients of all of the landscaping blocks they no longer need so will be bringing more of those back with us. By the time we get all of them, we'll have blocks everywhere I've been wanting. I can't wait to see what it all looks like next spring when I get new things planted.

Last Week I: 

Listened To: Lots of music, which seemed to work better for me for working this week. I did start my book club book for this month, After The Flood, which is certainly unlike anything we have read before.

Watched: Sports, some of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Grace and Frankie, and Jack Ryan. The Big Guy is so tired of political ads that he finally agreed to turn off regular tv a lot of the time. 

Read: I had to take a break from Night Sleep Death the Stars (it's almost 800 pages long!) to read Daughter of Black Lake for a review. I'm not surprised to find myself really enjoying it - I always like Cathy Marie Buchanan's books. 

Made: I've got a pound cake in the oven right now. I'm making a twist on strawberry shortcake to take to dinner with my parents. 

 BG and I picked up a pizza last night and ate in our car while listening to a concert in a local park then went home and spent a couple of hours enjoying our first real fire of the year. I finally got to make the perfect toasted marshmallows!

This Week I’m:  

Planning: I have lots of little projects to finish this week, including getting those boxes I was working on last week hung, continuing work on going through the boxes of keepsakes, and, hopefully, getting BG out into the garage to get it cleaned up before it gets too cold to do that. 

Thinking About: Mini-me and Ms S who are living in a hotel this week, following a small fire in a closet in their house. Everyone is fine, there wasn't much damage, but there was enough smoke damage to require a week's work of repairs. The lesson here is this: test your smoke detectors regularly, keep fire extinguishers on all floors of your house, and replace those extinguishers regularly. If my kiddos had not done all of those things, the damage would have been much greater. 

Feeling: Upbeat - I got my hair done yesterday (long overdue!), I rearranged some furniture this week which always makes me happy, the sun is shining and warm weather is returning this week, and I'm loving the impact all of these little projects I've been doing are making on the house.

Looking forward to: Hopefully a trip north this week, assuming my sister has sold her house and Mini-me and Ms S are back in their house.

Question of the week: Are you on team all-out-decorating-for-Halloween?


  1. I’m glad you are feeling upbeat. You have a busy week ahead, I hope you are able to take that trip.

    Wishing you a great reading week

  2. I'm so sorry about the fire. Glad it was taken care of without a ton of damage done. Which reminds me that I need to replace our fire extinguisher...

    I need to rearrange my book shelves. They are out of hand!

    I used to be all-out and maybe one day I will be when we move to a place with a yard but we go all-out with our Halloween village. Sometimes we do more on the porch but we just haven't done that yet. Pumpkin carving will happen in a week or two. But as I get older I do get more worn out putting up everything!

    Have a great week!

  3. That is nice of your parents to share their landscaping blocks with you! I bet your garden will be beautiful come next spring. I hope you had a nice dinner with your family. I am really looking forward to reading Daughter of Black Lake, and am glad to see you are enjoying it.

    I am glad your daughter and Ms. S are safe. What a scare that fire must have been!

    My daughter and I cut my husband's hair yesterday. It had been last year around November when he'd last had it cut. It had gotten quite long. We still aren't used to him with short hair. Haha. My husband has been coloring my hair for me, but Mouse and I haven't had hair cuts since December, if memory serves.

    We need to decorate for Halloween, but haven't yet. I don't know that we "all out decorate" but we do decorate a bit. My daughter would have our heads otherwise.

    I hope you have a great week, Lisa!

  4. I have indoor decorations up for Halloween and outside, a wreath, some signage and the like. I asked the Hub to put one inflatable thing up but we aren't putting it all out because we plan to only do an hour of trick or treating duty from the driveway, hopefully far from anyone and then we will shut it down. It would be super dumb of me to catch COVID on Halloween.

    Also, weather is such a part of how we feel. I can see why you start with it. For us, our weather is so often the same but today, DRIZZLE! I am ecstatic and have all the windows open. LOL.