Monday, October 12, 2020

Life: It Goes On - October 12

Happy Monday! We finally got the courage up to head out of town for a long weekend away and headed north to see my sister and her husband and only just arrived back a couple of hours ago, tired but feeling renewed. It was absolutely beautiful up there - we couldn't have timed it better for fall foliage. Although we couldn't stay with Mini-me and Ms S (did I tell you about the fire they had?), we also got to spend a few hours with them yesterday enjoying dinner and a fire. Everything in my suitcase smells like smoke after all of the time around fires this weekend but it was well worth it! 

Last Week I: 

 Listened To: It was all about the road trip playlists on Spotify this weekend - mostly the NPR Roadtrip Playlist. 

Watched: A fair amount of sports in the background but that's about it. 

Read: As usual, I didn't read nearly as much as I thought I would in the car. I always feel guilty if I'm reading while The Big Guy is driving. 

Made: Some brownies to take with us that I probably won't make again. My sister made delicious meals for us: crockpot chicken potpie, instant pot lasagna, and a beer cheese soup that I would eat once a week.

 See above! All of those trees are at my sister's house. That's us in the middle, taking our annual sister picture. You'll notice that she kindly let me work on a project while I was there. It was almost as hard for me to leave a project unfinished as it was for me to leave my sister! But she knows exactly what to do from here on and my brother-in-law will get the final Danish oil coat on and the brass hardware cleaned up - can't wait to see it when it's finished. 

Of course, loved spending time with my kids, too. Mini-me whipped up a mean potato leek soup, Ms. S taught me some about sourdough bread and gave me some of her starter, we got to see the smoke damage from the fire (although we couldn't go in the room where the fire actually happened), and our grand pets were all happy to be loved on. 

This Week I’m:  

Planning: My sis and BIL were getting rid of a bookcase (I have the mate already - they were built-ins in a lawyer's office and are at least a hundred years old) so you know I was happy to take that off their hands. It's going to go in my office and means I'll need to rearrange things quite a lot. But first I'll finally get around to getting those green walls painted white! My goal is to get it all put together by this time next week but BG is quick to remind me that my projects always take longer than I plan on them taking!

Thinking About: Going to bed early. Twenty hours of driving and three nights sleeping in beds that aren't mine have me longing to crawl into my bed early even if it means I'll be awake early. 

Feeling: Like I'm finally in the fall spirit. I might just join the R.I.P. Challenge after all. 

Looking forward to: Hoping for some warm evenings this week so we can catch up with friends. 

Question of the week: What did you do last week that brought you joy?


  1. So happy you had a great trip visiting family. Lovely fall photos too.

  2. Sounds like an amazing weekend road trip camping with family! We missed out on camping this year. I'm hoping next summer/fall will be safer and we can make plans then! Gorgeous pics.

    We hit our CSA farm's fall fair early in the day to avoid crowds. But Gabe had a great time on some of the rides. We got kettle popcorn and big pumpkins to carve soon, and we took a drive through the canyon. Overall, it was a great time.

    I hope you get some spooky time in! Have a great week!

  3. Oh! I love all the fall photos you included! We don't do fall here. Ahem.
    Beer cheese soup?? Drool. That sounds so amazing. I have not been feeling great so snacky meals sound better to me than full on meals. Like, a charcuterie board for dinner one night with a glass of good wine sounds amazing. Beer Cheese soup too. That crock pot Chicken Pie sounds good too.

    Last week I bought 3 more succulents. This has been bringing me a lot of joy. Me, not killing plants. LOL.

  4. Lisa, I wasn't thrilled with One By One either, rather predictable. Love your fall pics and glad to read you were able to visit and get together with family and friends. Get rid of the cold quick.