Sunday, October 18, 2020

Life: It Goes On - October 18

 Happy Sunday! This morning I'm coming to you wondering about my sanity. Knowing it was going to get cold yesterday, we got together with friends for dinner on the patio earlier than usual. Nearly four hours later, we convinced ourselves to take off the blankets, move away from the fire, and call it a night. I was still cold when I went to bed a couple of hours later. COVID makes us do things we never would have done otherwise, folks! 

Earlier, before the temperatures dropped, I'd been outside for several hours working on one of two projects I'm working on right now and it was the perfect fall day. The Big Guy wanted to go for a hike but I knew I needed to take advantage of that time to paint outside while I could. I think I'm done with projects that need to be worked on outside for the year, another reason I'm sad about the change of seasons. 

Last Week I: 

 Listened To: I finished Ruth Ware's latest, One By One. Not her best and I fear she's falling into a formula. Her fans won't be much surprised by the ending of this one. 

Sookie thought the food 
smelled good.
Watched: Pretty much the only things we've watched are sports, American Ninja Warrior, and Biden's town hall.

Read: I finished Dawson's Fall and will have that review up this week. 

Made: Pasta al fredo, wontons, salads...easy stuff. Thought I might have my cooking mojo back but it appears I don't. 

Enjoyed: Wednesday evening we had two couples over for an extended happy hour. Between us, we had so much food we didn't even need dinner. It was the first time the six of us have been together in months which is much, much too long! It was so good for my soul. 

This Week I’m:  

On finishing painting the chairs I started yesterday and continuing work in my office. One of the walls that needs to be painted has been cleared off and I'll try to get that painted today so I can move shelves back onto that wall tomorrow. I've already conceded that this project is going to take much longer than I had originally thought. Like twice as long. 

Thinking About: Sourdough bread. I got two new starters this week and I need to find the time to work with it.

Feeling: Congested and slow. I think I caught a cold last week. How do you catch a cold when you wear a mask in public and sanitize your hands ever time you touch anything?

Looking forward to: Book club this week, although, sadly, it's going to have to be a Zoom meeting. 

Question of the week: How are you doing, really? 


  1. Yes, gathering with friends is good for my soul, too! We had two couples over for outdoor happy hour last week, too. So much fun! My friends back in NY are lamenting over the cold weather, too... it's so much easier to stay safe from COVID outdoors. Have a good week, Lisa.

  2. Sorry to hear about the cold. I think sometimes it's just going to happen no matter how careful you are. I've been disappointed with Ware's books after the first two. I adored her first two and then the third was meh and I haven't had any real interest in picking up any of her other books. Hope you have a great week.

  3. That's the nice thing about Southern California, we can eat outside probably through January. Our restaurants can continue with their outdoor seating with a few heat lamps.

    A cold? You can still catch a cold with a mask. If you touched something and then touched your face or it's circulating in the ventilation. Same as COVID. Eeek. I've been mostly isolating. We do eat out now and then but only at restaurants with very private, outdoor seating. We lucked out last weekend with a great Mexican place that put us on our own patio! Tomorrow my book club is meeting in person but outside but we are not getting along all that great. Half say they won't wear a mask outside and the other half say they won't come unless everyone does. I seriously don't want to even go now.