Tuesday, January 5, 2021

One Word 2021


In 2017, Sheila of Book Journey first introduced me to choosing one word as a theme for a new year. I knew that New Year's resolutions never worked for me and had given up on those. But the idea of thinking about making changes based on a word appealed to me. The idea is that the one word will impact all dimensions of your life: mental, physical, emotional, relational, spiritual, and financial 

In the past, I've chosen "heart" two years and last year I chose "enough." Those first two years didn't pan out as I'd hoped but I did much better last year, setting a new goal each month and trying to build on each of them. Each of those years I gave a lot of thought to what I wanted my word to be and how I could work it into my life. This year, my word just came to me and I knew as soon as I thought of it that it would work for me in a lot of ways. 
- to join or be joined again with something else again after being separated
- to improve a relationship that has become less good or less close
- to make you feel or understand something that you had stopped feeling or understanding
Each month I'll set up a plan for working the idea of reconnecting into my daily life. After a year of not being able to see people, obviously one of my big priorities is to physically reconnect with people. But while I'm waiting for that to be safe again, I want to push myself to reconnect in the other ways that are still possible. I want to reconnect with the things I love and the person I want to be. To help hold myself accountable to this, I'll make a plan in my bullet journal for each new month and I'll try to share that plan here as well because one of my plans will definitely be reconnecting with the blogging community. I have "met" so many people through this community that I consider friends and I don't want to lose that connection!


  1. Good word. It would be too ambitious for me though. I find that I am a little gun shy about meeting up with people again. I will definitely need to ease into it slowly when we are giving the greenlight to do so. Even driving is an issue for me right now. During the early days of the pandemic, people here in LA found wide open freeways so they drove 100+ miles per hour and they haven't stopped. Driving on the freeway these days and no one out to enforce speed is a dangerous prospect. I will definitely need to ease back into society when the time comes.

    1. Oh, I'm very worried that even when this is "over," I won't be able to return to life as it was. That's part of the reason I chose this word - to remind myself that I need to do it. I'm pretty stoked that my drive into work has gotten much faster but 100 mph would terrify me! I wouldn't want to drive on those freeways, either!

  2. This is a great goal, Lisa, and I like how you plan to implement it. Breaking it up into monthly plans makes it seem more doable in many ways. I wish you the best with your word this year!

  3. I'm great a making the plans - actually working on them is a whole other thing!

  4. What a great word, Lisa. You've inspired me to start making phone calls to some of my friends back in Nebraska. It's so easy to lose touch, only clicking "like" on Facebook posts.