Sunday, June 20, 2021

Happy Sunday! Happy Father's Day! We're headed off to have dinner with my dad shortly. My siblings and I are blessed to have a daddy who always believed in them and a father who always had their back. My children are equally blessed. I have spent my life surrounded by good men, good fathers. 

Last Week I: 

 Listened To: I finally finished Liane Moriarty's Truly Madly Guilty and I'm sorry to say that I was underwhelmed by it, even though it had some really great elements. Next up is Jenny Lawson's latest, Broken. She always makes me laugh and I'm so looking forward to it.

Watched: Mini-him brought over the Virtual Reality goggles (are they called goggles?) and The Big Guy and I took turns taking tours of cities, watching music videos and playing video games. I'm so impressed with what can be done with video images these days.

Read: I'm trying to make my way through Peter Geye's latest, Northernmost, but it is, as his books tend to be, so dark and maybe not the right book for me right now. 

Made: I'm taking lasagna and homemade peach pie in for dinner today. That's about the totality of my cooking for the week!
We ate dinner at the lodge of one of our state parks.

 Last night we got in a car with our friends and headed off for dinner and cocktails. As we headed out it occurred to me that it was the first time we've been in a car together in a year and a half. It was so nice to have that bit of normality returned. 

This Week I’m:  

Planning: The desk is coming into the house today (hardware will get put on later today) and then it will be a matter of switching out desks and getting everything reorganized to make one desk work for both BG's work and as our family hub. 

Thinking About: My next project (shhh, don't tell BG!). I cannot find a slipcover I like for my sofa; making my own may just be up next. But I may need to tackle something much smaller and easier before I'm up for that just now!

Feeling: As I think about Father's Day, I'm thinking about my kids and I'm feeling happy that they are all in such good places right now. 

Looking forward to: Cooler temps this week which means dinners on the patio again. 

Question of the week: It seems like it's been ridiculously hot throughout the country this week. How have you been keeping yourself cool?


  1. Lasagna and peach pie sounds amazing. I bet they enjoyed it.

    I rode in a car with a friend the other day and it felt so weird and a little risky but we were both vaccinated and I still used hand sanitizer when I got out.

    1. A friend was telling me the other day that she'd been to the emergency room in December but wouldn't call a friend to take her home (she'd gone there in an ambulance) because of covid. So they called her a cab. No way I'm riding in a car with a complete stranger right now!

  2. At my office, I usually wear a cardigan all day. But you can't overdress because then you'll melt on your way to your car.