Monday, September 4, 2023

Life: It Goes On - September 4

Happy Monday Sunday! That is to say a Monday that serves as the last day of the weekend. Hope yours has been a good, long one! We had company this weekend and packed in loads of time with family but we still had plenty of time to get things done around the house when our family was off visiting other family. 

Found myself wondering when the pumpkin patch was going to open of the season the other day, which surprised me because, generally speaking, I'm not going in to the fall happy about it. My potted plants are already winding down, my garden beds are already needing to be cut back - in general it's time to begin reversing all of the fun stuff I did in April and May. Do I like the heat and humidity of summer? Not so much. But I don't spend all of summer hot, whereas, I'm pretty much cold from December through March. And the sunshine - how I love the light of summer!

Last Week I: 

Listened To: I stopped listening to The Rabbit Hutch and started listening to Now You See Us by Balli Kaur Jaswal, as recommended by my aunt. I'm enjoying it much more. It's still dealing with some heavy topics but I'm enjoying these characters much more. 

 The Nebraska college system's Volleyball Day set a world record attendance record for women's sports at 92,003. It gave me chills to watch that crowd love on women's sports! 

Watching the Husker football team the next night was not nearly as fun! 

Read: Not much. Just can't seem to make myself pick up my book, as much as I'm enjoying it. 

Made: Very little, considering we had company. One night we just did charcuterie, one night we did an indoor picnic and the only thing I made for that was peach pie the way my grandma made it. The next morning I did get up and make my Asian chicken salad for Miss H to take home. 

 See first paragraph. My sister and her husband came down to spend time with their fathers, Miss H came up to just spend some time with us. My sister, Miss H and I got to laughing so hard Friday night that we all seriously began to wonder if it was possible to die of laughter. The result was some inside jokes only the three of us will ever find funny but we will laugh at those things for years to come. That laughter was such good medicine. 

This Week I’m:  

Planning: Miss H has found an apartment and I think she is only slightly more excited about it than I am. Number one - we will be getting so much stuff out of our basement! Number two - there's nothing better than seeing your children happy. I'm on a mission to make sure she has all of the things she needs to get set up, which means I'll be doing some painting and staining this coming month. Need to get over to pick up some Fusion mineral paint, which Instagram assures me is the best. I sure hope so because it isn't cheap but I love the colors. 

Thinking About: We will have a busy fall, with a couple of long weekend trips to see siblings and two people to move in November. I'm trying to get my mind wrapped around how all of that gets organized while also keeping up with the other things that need to be done and putting the house and yard to sleep for the winter. 

Feeling: Refreshed. Family time, down time, and lots of laughter were just the things I needed. 

Looking forward to: As much as I enjoyed the weekend, I'm also looking forward to the quiet week ahead. More stuff has headed both north and south this weekend and I'm looking forward to reorganizing the areas that stuff came out of. 

Question of the week: Did you get a three-day weekend? If so, how did you use that extra day? Did you enjoy a day of relaxation, hit the Labor Day sales, or hit up some of the weekend festivities? 

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