Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Life: It Goes On - September 26

Happy Tuesday! We returned yesterday evening from a wonderful long weekend visiting my sister and her family and I just could not muster the energy to post. I wish someone would invent a way to teleport one of these days so we can actually return from a break rested instead of exhausted by an eight hour drive in heavy traffic and/or rain. We didn't help ourselves any by spending a little extra time hanging out with my niece and her little guy before we headed south but it was so fun to get more time with him. Is there anyone else more fun than than a 2-year-old? 

Last Week I: 

Listened To: A Fever In The Heartland, by Timothy Egan (what an eye opener!) and more of The Wager, while we were driving. We were hoping to finish it yesterday but the drive was too stressful to focus on a book. 

Watched: A lot of Husker sports - two volleyball matches and a football game. 

Read: Dinosaurs by Lydia Millet. 

Made: Who can remember back in time to before we left for the weekend?

Enjoyed: Lots of family time; and a rainy, but very fun, trip along the north shore of Lake Superior, with stops to check out the view, get down by the water, and stop at a winery. 

This Week I’m:  

Planning: My dad will be moving sooner than originally planned so we will be working this weekend to get him packed up and ready. 

Thinking About: What needs to be done to move my dad, Miss H, and, possibly, Mini-him yet this fall. 

Feeling: One day back and I'm already in need of Friday to get here soon!

Looking forward to: I have a half day on Friday that will be spent doing lots of things just for me. 

Question of the week: If you could teleport anywhere for a long weekend without the time and expense of travel, where would you go?

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