Sunday, May 26, 2024

Life: It Goes On - May 26

Happy Sunday! I'm back on track, although I'm also confused, what with having taken Friday off and having tomorrow off as well. I had a very productive Friday, what with having my brother and sister-in-law pass through on their way to her class reunion Friday night. It's amazing how much you can get done when company is coming!

We've had a couple more waves of severe weather move through this week - I'm so over it and we haven't even suffered any damage. On the plus side, the lawn looks great and I have hardly had to water the new plants at all. This week the temps are forecast to be only in the 70's so I'm hoping that we can get the flower pots moved out from shelter and set things up so we can enjoy patio time. Starting with a cookout tomorrow when Mini-him and Miss C come for dinner - it is the kickoff weekend to the summer, after all. 

Last Week I: 

Listened To: I finished Nita Prose's second Maid book, The Mystery Guest and started Patti Callahan Henry's The Secret Book of Flora Lea. 

Watched: Lots of Big Ten tournament baseball, culminating with our Cornhuskers winning the championship today. Also today, Purlie Victorious on PBS's Great Performances. 

Read: About to finally finish Jane Smiley's Lucky. If I hadn't gotten it from the publisher to review, I would probably have dnf'd it. 

Made: Lasagna cups and an orzo/sundried tomato/spinach dish, both of which feed us for a couple days each and both of which I'll make again. 

Enjoyed: Book club Tuesday. We had a good turnout, a good book discussion, and a good time catching up with each other. I love the way this group has grown, having time to really get to know each person as they join us. Every time I think I'm ready to give it up, I remember what good mental therapy it is for me every month. 


This Week I’m:  

Planning: This week is going to be about getting some things into storage, others to the Goodwill, and still other things off to the dump (as much as I hate to do that, somethings just have exhausted their usefulness). 

Thinking About: Painting know, the ones I keep saying I'm going to get to but that I haven't even started yet. I miss the days when I used to have a lot more energy! 

Feeling: Relaxed. A few days off to putz around and get things down that I've been wanting to get to has been just what I needed. 

Looking forward to: A quiet week which, hopefully, also means a productive week. 

Question of the week: What's the last book you finished that you loved?

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