Sunday, May 5, 2024

Life: It Goes On

Happy Sunday! It's turned out to be a beautiful day here after a cloudy start (well, I'm assuming it was cloudy in Omaha this morning since it was cloudy in KC, which is where we started the day). 

Thursday I hit up a nursery for the first time this year and today I got all of the flowers into the ground this afternoon. Most of what I bought on Thursday was tomato plants and herbs so, of course, I'm headed off to the store shortly to get more flowering plants because a girl can never have too many flowering plants and too much color! 

Last Week I: 

Listened To: Frozen River by Ariel Lawhon.

Watched: Freaky Friday (the Jamie Lee Curtis/Lindsey Lohan version) with Miss H. She convinced 

The Big Guy that she had only ever seen it once and then the two of us proceeded to recite lines. 

Read: Tea For Two by Amor Towles. 

Made: Chicken parmesan and absolutely nothing else all week. I ate out 3 nights and ate popcorn one evening while I was getting my hair done. Maybe this week? 

Enjoyed: An excellent week! Tuesday a friend and I went to happy hour; Friday we grabbed our guys and headed off to a different place for dinner and a couple of bottles of wine. Also, a quick trip to KC to take a mattress to Miss H. While we were there, we ate dinner with two of her friends and their dad at a new-to-us taco place, Mission Taco Joint in South Plaza. We'll definitely be going back there. 


This Week I’m:  

Planning: My calendar looks much less busy this week so I'm hoping to finish up garden shopping and get things planted, grab some new cushions for the patio, take at least a couple of loads of things to Goodwill and another couple of loads to storage for Mini-him, and finish setting up my dad's place so we can just hang out when we visit there and not have work to do any more. 

Thinking About: What needs to be done to finish up the major project we started in the back yard last year. 

Feeling: Happy - just going to the greenhouse gave me such a dopamine rush and getting my hands in the dirt at long last felt so good. 

Looking forward to: Last week was filled with fun things but I'm looking forward to a quiet week this week so I can get things caught up a bit here. 

Question of the week: We're trying to get some weight off and I'm looking for your best suggestions for meals that taste delicious but are lower in calories. What ya got for me?

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