Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday - Rewind

This week the folks at The Broke and The Bookish are having us pick a topic we missed or one we'd like to revisit. Since I only recently starting doing Top Ten Tuesdays, there are a lot of topics I've missed, so many that I had a hard time choosing one. But since this winter is dragging on soooo long and I'm so eager for warm weather to arrive, I'm jumping ahead to summer and suggesting ten books to have in your beach bag.

1. The Last Beach Bungalow by Jennie Nash - Well, sure, it seems like a no-brainer from the title but this book is no light weight. Still it's a wonderful book to relax into and the characters will speak to you.

2.Eating Heaven by Jennie Shortridge - I swear this list is not entirely filled with books written by women named Jennie. But here's another work of women's fiction that gives readers just enough depth to make it well worth reading without ruining your beach mood.

3. The Mighty Queens of Freeville by Amy Dickinson - NPR listeners will recognize Dickinson's name so you probably won't be surprised by how much you enjoy this memoir. Just be ready to get funny looks on the beach - you will find yourself laughing out loud.

4. Getting Rid of Matthew by Jane Fallon - This book falls somewhere between chick lit and women's fiction making it light enough to be fun but with enough to sink your teeth into.

5. Helen of Pasadena by Lian Dolan - Fun characters, Dolan's great sense of humor; you just might forget to flip over and tan the other side.

6.One For The Money by Janet Evanovich - If you haven't already started the Stephanie Plum books, and aren't already thinking Evanovich has played this series out, you'll enjoy getting to know the inept Plum and the crazy cast of characters that surround her.

7. The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett - A short fun look at what would happen if the Queen of England suddenly discovered books. You could knock this one out in one afternoon.

8. On Folly Beach by Karen White - Well, really there are a number of books by White that would make great books to have in your beach bag. Here White blends the South, history and mystery wonderfully.

9. Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell - I haven't read this one yet, but I'm hearing great things about it and it sounds like just the kind of book you could spend the afternoon reading.

10. Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson - I know, I know, another Jenny. Also, another book I haven't read. But you can't go wrong with a humor on the beach and with this one you could read a couple of entries then get up and actually enjoy the beach for a while before you read some more.

What books would you add to your beach bag?


  1. I generally read the same genres year round so don't really have books I consider "beach reads". I have heard that Eleanor and Park is really good and my dad's girlfriend's daughter (now that's a mouthful) gave me One for the Money for Christmas so maybe I'll read it over the summer. =O)

    I did my post on the top ten posts that I think give you the best glimpse of me. I hope they do this revisit thing more often, as I've missed a ton of them too. I only started participating in this a couple of months ago and I don't do it every week.

  2. I love book lists, and ones that have titles and authors I've read are even better! I read Mighty Queens when it first came out, and Rainbow's Attachments, and a few by Nash (not that one yet). I'm dying to get my hands on Eleanor and Park!

  3. I still haven't read The Uncommon Reader. You'd think I would given the subject matter and how short it is. One of these days . . .

    I really liked the one book I read by Jennie Shortridge. I need to read more by her.

    And Jenny Lawson's book is a great choice--so funny!

    Great list, Lisa!

  4. I've read 3 of these! Would mostly agree, but I'm really not one to understand the concept of beach reading - I read whatever I have no matter where I am!

  5. I really want to read the Jenny Lawson one, not least because her blog is so funny (she blogs as The Bloggess)

  6. I've read 4 of these titles and really enjoyed them! I'm noting your post for my summer Pinterest board!!!!

  7. I read Eating Heaven a few years ago and really enjoyed it - I have been meaning to read more by the author. I would definitely like to read The Uncommon Reader - a lot of people recommended it to me when I reviewed Mrs. Queen Takes The Train which has a similar premise.

    Great post!

  8. I've only read #7, but Amy Dickinson is on my wish list. Must look into the others!