Thursday, April 4, 2013

We Interrupt This Book To Bring You Life

I swear to you, I lead a pretty dull life, especially compared to the life I led when my kids were young (or before I even had kids!). But lately I feel like life is conspiring to prevent me from reading.

As you all know by know, my family has spent the past few months dealing with the illness and loss of The Big Guy's mother. Between the time spent caring for her, the job of closing up her home, and the emotional toll all of this took, my reading has really taken a hit.

As I told you on Sunday, my sister and her family got to move into the home of their dreams this past week. I got to help them start moving in shortly after they got the keys to the house Thursday, and then my family (along with their parents and a lot of great friends) spent Saturday helping them. Exhausting work but so fun to be able to be part of their happiness.

Sunday we hosted my family for Easter dinner. My mom brought most of the food so that part was easy. We used the original Mama Shepp's china to help us feel a little bit like she was with us.

This week's been much more "normal" and I've been getting a lot more reading done. But I really do need to get back to finding homes for all of the things we've brought home from The Big Guy's mom's place. in addition to furniture, kitchen things for the kids for "some day," and mementos, we've also become the keepers of the Shepp family history.

I'm beginning to wonder - does all of this mean I really need to "get a life?!"

How do you work your reading around the rest of your life?


  1. You hosted Easter -- good for you! (These days, if I can get out of it, I do...)

  2. Great looking meal, I wish you and your family lots of happiness.

  3. Life is the fun part...keep living it and enjoying it!!! Reading is the icing on the cake! :)