Monday, September 23, 2013

Bloggiesta - It's A Wrap!

It's that time again - time for bloggers worldwide to spend a weekend working on their blogs, helping each other, and challenging each other. I'm coming late to the game (as usual) an I'm not sure how much time I'll be able to spend. But, as always, I've got big plans!

My Bloggiesta Plan Wish List:
Clean Up My Email
Clean Up My Reader
Write Two Book Reviews
 Write One Lit Post
 Create New Header
 Write Shell Reviews For Scheduled Reviews
 Finish Two Challenges

As you can see, I get more done than I didn't. The email and reader both took hours and hours - far more than I anticipated. I did get posts written that take me well into next week so I'll use the blogging time that frees up to work on the new header (and a new look) and to get the shell reviews written. Although I didn't have the time to participate in any of the Bloggiesta Twitter chats or even do any of the challenges, I appreciated the kick in the butt Bloggiesta always gives me!


  1. Congratulations on such a nice finish! I look forward to seeing the new look :)

  2. Oh, the feed reader! I have it separated into several folders, and I haven't looked at most of them (hundreds of feeds) in ages. There just isn't enough time!

  3. You are well on the way to finishing that list!

  4. I can't wait to see the new header and look, how fun! You got some great stuff done, congrats!

  5. Glad you felt good about what you accomplished! One of these times join us for the chats! :)