Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Salon - September 29

What a good weekend we've had! Friday night we got to attend the wedding of the daughter of some of our oldest friends. The ceremony was in a public garden which was surprisingly beautiful still considering the time of year. There are plants growing there I've never seen before. We enjoyed the band that played for the reception so much that when we found out they were playing in a local bar last night, we headed down with friends to hear them again.

Thursday I finally had time to go to the library sale again and picked up four books on CD. I was disappointed not to find more I was interested in but did pick up a nice variety. Of course, I had to pick up a few books in print while I was there including Mary Doria Russell's The Sparrow.

Then yesterday I got an email that Barnes & Noble had 300 NOOK books for half price so now I have three new books ready on my NOOK including two that I just talked about on Wednesday, Enon and The System. Paris was available as well but I had to draw the line somewhere.

Lincoln's Sunken Garden

Here's What I'm:

Listening To: I'm listening to Joan Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking and love the narrator on it.

Watching: "Person of Interest," "The Voice," and "Elementary" were all back this week.

Reading: Still working on Night Film but really need to get some reading in this week with two reviews coming up for next week that I haven't started yet..

Making: I bought a roasted chicken the other night and used it with black bean and roasted corn in burritos as well as making chicken salad. I really need to get in the habit of buying whole chickens and roasting them myself.

Planning: On starting Christmas presents this week.

Grateful for: My sister is now close enough that we've been able to start walking together as we both work toward losing some weight and getting healthy.

Loving: The incredible sunrises I'm getting so see on my way into work lately. I'm choosing to overlook the fact that I'm getting to see these because the days are growing shorter.

Thinking: That as much as I love football, I'm glad neither of my boys decided it was the sport for them as I've watched players getting injured game after game. It's a dangerous sport.

Looking forward to: A less crazy work week this week.


  1. Hope you enjoy The Sparrow as much as I did. It's an all-time favorite.

    Was the wedding at the Sunken Gardens? Love that park/garden! What's the name of the band?

  2. How wonderful that you and your sister can walk together! I wish I had a walking buddy, I think I would be more accountable....

    Christmas presents, huh? Are you making them or shopping for them? I need to put that on my October to-do list as well.

  3. Oh the Nook sales are so dangerous to me! My mother and I were on Skype for an hour yesterday going back and forth about how many books we could justify buying for ourselves on this sale. (Two for me, three for her. We tried really hard to be reasonable.)

  4. Glad you got some great deal on Nook books :) I'm thinking of buying a couple myself.

    Football and Hockey are crazy dangerous. Hope your boys continue to stay safe from injury :)

    I love that you are starting Christmas gifts! Good luck and have a fabulous week :)

  5. How nice to have your sister for a walking partner! I'm walking with our dog Zelda and an audiobook. Sometimes my husband joinds me on the weekend and I forgo the audiobook ;-)

  6. I'm so excited about Fall TV. Looks like my reading's going to suffer, lol. Hope you have a much less crazy work week!

  7. I've heard GREAT things about The Sparrow. It's definitely on my list of books to get to!

    I'm so glad (and a bit jealous) that you and your sister are close enough to hang out. Mine is an hour north of me. Enjoy those walks, way to go!

  8. I try to roast chickens myself but they cost about $13 dollars and take a couple of hours to cook so I opt for the rotisserie ones too that I can get for about $6 and they nearly always taste better anyway.

  9. color me impressed that you have started on Christmas presents! Impressive! Having a walking partner really does help with the motivation, doesn't it? Enjoy the walks and those sunrises!