Sunday, September 8, 2013

Life: It Goes On - September 8, 2013

Greetings from Omaha, where summer, apparently, is using the lunar calendar to determine it's end date this year. Holy buckets has it been hot the past few days! It's doing wonders for my tomatoes but I'll bet they're not selling many pumpkins spice lattes around here.

I'm actually coming to you this morning from Missouri, where we've had rollicking good fun this weekend helping my sister-in-law cope with turning 50 next week. Y'all know how much I love my trips to Missouri, especially when I get to spend time at a winery!

Here's What I'm:

Listening To: Fleetwood Mac's Rumors - takes me right back to high school!

Watching: Football and Paul Bettany movies: Wimbledon,.Master & Commander, and A Knight's Tale. It just happens that they were all on tv this week and I do like looking at him!

Reading: On audio, I'm still listening to Anna Quindlen's Black and Blue. I'm not loving it; I don't know if it's the narrator or the story. I want to feel an emotion punch from Quindlen like I did with Every Last One. I'll finish A Place At The Table this weekend and quite like it. I think I'll move In Cold Blood to my regular read next to make sure I finish it before I attend one of the Omaha Reads events for it.

Making: My sister and I made a really cute (if I do say so myself - and I can because it was entirely my sister's idea) candy bouquet for my sister-in-law's birthday with 50 pieces of candy.Sadly, no picture.

Planning: On catching up this week. Being gone on a weekend always puts me behind.

Grateful for: Being close enough to my family to be able to share special events.

Loving: My new haircut - had five inches cut off the other day.

Thinking: There are some really ridiculous t.v. shows - and BG has watched all of them for at least 5 minutes.

Looking forward to: I'm trying not to look forward - I'm trying to enjoy each day as it arrives. It's easier to pretend that winter's not just a couple of months away that way!


  1. Aw, Paul Bettany. He's one of those actors whose movies I only ever seem to see when they're on TV, and not otherwise. Yet I am awfully fond of him. I wish he could be in more stuff.

    Also: FOOTBALLLLLLLLLLLLLL. I am painfully excited for the Saints/Falcons game this afternoon.

  2. I'm right there with you on Fleetwood Mac... love the haircut! Will be curious to read your review of A Place at the Table, it's near the top of my audio wish list at the moment.

  3. Love Paul Bettany! Love your new haircut. So cute :)

  4. Ah.. Missouri... you are in my neck of the woods (sort of)

    We are having the same weather here in Missouri and Kansas, but I do believe there is relief in the forecast come mid-week.

    Sounds like a great family celebration this weekend!

  5. Hope you had fun on your trip. Your haircut looks nice. =O)

    I love me some Paul Bettany too. I listened to Black and Blue on audio years and years ago...when I still had my office job...but I can't remember if the narrator bugged me or not. Could have been a completely different narrator that many years ago.

    Have a great week!

  6. I keep waiting for the cooler weather but we're not getting any either. I'd love to be able to at least take a morning or evening walk before DLS ends!!

    Glad you had a great trip (or are having). The candy bouquet sounds like a cute idea and the haircut looks great! And yes--Scott watches ALL the ridiculous shows...even if he did get me hooked onto Duck Dynasty.

  7. Sounds like a good weekend - a family celebration, a winery etc. and it's always good to have a change of hair style when you feel like it! Have a good week!

  8. The cut looks fab!

    I noticed an X Factor promo while watching football yesterday. Apparently the season starts on Wednesday. I skipped it last time around. I just can't watch shows like that too often but this promo caught my interest. Wednesdays are rehearsal nights but I will probably record it to watch later.

  9. It has been hot here, hasn't it?! I'm hoping we get some rain in the next few days. So tired of watering the yard.

    It's been a long, long time since I read Black and Blue, but boy did she do an amazing job with Every Last One. That remains one of my all-time favorite books by Quindlen. Had me bawling in the middle of the night; so realistic and spot-on dialogue. Loved it in spite of the subject matter.

  10. I love your new haircut! Snazzy! Glad that you are having a great trip to Missouri. It's mostly chilly here in the evenings and warm in the mornings but I think our heat waves have ended for the year.

  11. Loved A Knight's Tale. I know too much about tennis to love Wimbledon but did enjoy that one too.

    I think I cautioned you from an audio version of Black and Blue... I read it while living in MN (long time ago) and am still haunted.

    LOVE the new haircut!