Friday, April 1, 2016

Bloggiesta Wrap Up - Finally!

Oh heck, I was doing so well at Bloggiesta this spring, working hard every night, knocking out a lot of the stuff on my list and I did end up getting a lot done, I just forget to finish things out. So here's what got done:

1, Comments: I need to catch up on the comments left this month. 
2, Mail: I've been doing better on this lately, but there's always cleaning up to be done.
3. Bloglovin': This should be at the top of the list - I've got about 100 posts I haven't read as of today and want to make sure I take time to read and comment on all of them.
4. Mini-challenges: I've been doing this almost seven years now so it's harder to find mini-challenges that work for me, but it's always worth checking out. 
5. Clean Up Sidebar: There's not a lot to do, but I do want to do some cleaning up and rearranging. 
6. Catch Up My Calendar: I'm trying to free read as much as possible but I do have some books on Netgalley that I need to make sure I read before they archive, book club reads and at least one scheduled review. Gotta make sure nothing is falling through the cracks. 
7. Prep Some Posts: I'm remarkably scheduled ahead a couple of weeks for reviews but I'd like to get the rest of those weeks filled in to give me more reading time in April.
8. Visit New-To-Me Blogs: I can't keep up with the blogs I follow already but I'd hate to think there's a great blog I don't even know about yet! 
9. Clean Up Labels: The never ending task. Ugh. UPDATE: everything's gone I wanted to get rid of. Next Bloggiesta I'm going to work on adding labels to the posts without labels and adding some new labels to old posts.
10. Books Read List: This is one of those tasks I've started and never quite finished.
11. Clean Up Old Posts: If I'm really crazy and knock out everything else, I'd love to go back and make sure older posts are all formatted the way I like them to be now. UPDATE: I did a fair amount of this while I was cleaning up labels. I'm calling that good enough for now.

Well, yeah, I didn't exactly get some of the main things done I wanted to get done. I didn't touch my mailbox and I only got about half way done with my Bloglovin' feed (which has doubled again since last week, of course!). I didn't get any mini-challenges done during the actual Bloggiesta dates but I have done a couple of them this week so I'm counting them!

Challenge #1: Litsy - the Instagram for booklovers. Because we weren't already posting pics of books on Instagram. I had already downloaded the app on my phone but hadn't got my account set up yet. I've done that now, started following some people, gotten the lay of the land. Now just to start posting. Hosted by Jenni Elyse.

Challenge #2: LibraryThing: What's On Your Bookshelf? - an alternative to Goodreads. I've been a member for several years but haven't really used it. Since I'm looking to do away with my Goodreads account, I'm going to give this a try. I don't find it as user friendly and it doesn't have some of the features I do like from Goodreads but it will work for now to catalog things. Hosted by Laurie at Bay State Reader's Advisory.


  1. I just have an occasional "bloggiesta" type Saturday morning, but otherwise I'm too lazy for all that stuff! Good for you for tackling so much!

    1. I usually end up using Saturday mornings to catch up with my reader which doesn't leave time for the other blogging things I need to do. But I do need to make time for blog maintenance more often.

  2. Litsy!! I am trying to use if for all my bookish updates but it is still a bit clumsy for me for some reason.

    1. I thought it felt clumsy, too, but I suppose it's just a matter of getting used to using it.

  3. I say you got a TON done this Bloggiesta. Great job!

    I do love the new look and layout. It is so fresh and pleasing to the eye.

    1. Thanks, Michelle. I was looking to lighten things up.