Sunday, April 24, 2016

Life: It Goes On - April 24

Surprised to see me this early? Yeah, me too.

Somewhere around midnight last night, I knew I probably shouldn't try to make it through the entire night reading. If I'd really been rocking the reading, I might have said the heck with all of that and read on. But with graduations, a kid moving, and a house guest all arriving in less than three weeks, I have too much to get done around here to spend all of one weekend day reading and the next day sleeping. And then there was that 8 a.m. phone call from one of my kids to wake me up. I can't imagine my reaction to that phone call if I'd only just gotten to bed two hours earlier!

This Week I'm:

Listening To: I'll finish Muriel Sparks' The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie on the drive into work tomorrow (or today, if I run errands by myself). I've enjoyed it. I think John Boyne's The Absolutist is up next.

Watching: The Voice, some baseball, but not really much else. We're kind of off on a lot of the series we'd been watching so The Big Guy's been doing a lot of channel surfing instead of watching. He actually went all of Friday night without turning the television on!

Reading: Think I covered this one with yesterday's long readathon post. I'll finish The Edge of Reason in the next couple of days then it's on to When The Moon Is Low for an upcoming TLC Book Tour.

Making: Hmmm, must have been a dull weekend in the kitchen because I can't remember a thing I actually made. Except Friday night when I used a roasted chicken from Costco to make a delicious chicken salad. So delicious, we made it again yesterday for lunch.

Planning: The graduation party planning continues and now, it seems, Mini-him will be moving out right around that same time. So we'll need to get him packed up again and ready to go. We'll be hosting Miss S's (Mini-me's girl) mom for several days when she is here for Miss S's graduation and the party so I've got to turn Mini-him's bedroom into a guest room even as I pack him out of it.

Thinking About: See above. Not much time to think about other things.

Enjoying: Patio time! It's the perfect time of year - the birds are singing like crazy, it's not too hot, and the neighbors' pool heater has been turned on yet so we don't have to listen to that whenever we're outside.

Feeling: Like the rest of my family needs to get on board the spring cleaning/party prep train.

Looking forward to: A quiet week, commitment-wise.

Question of the week: What special things do you do when you have house guests?


  1. We're kind of in the same place with TV. There's nothing really going that we both watch. It sounds like you've got quite a lot to plan with the graduation, the move and the guest! Sounds like fun. Have a great week!

    1. I wish I could convince my husband to turn the darn t.v. off when there's nothing on more often. He enjoys reading and will sit with a book if he just turns that dang thing off and then I can read more effectively as well.

  2. Sounds like you're going to need to rest up for May!! ;-)

  3. Catching up with you after being away the first thing I noticed was the new header - great! You've been busy as usual during April and I'm sure May will be the same with the family events and welcoming the house guest. (Our 'house guest' - oldest grandson - left to get on with his life elsewhere just before we went to Italy and now there will be just the two of us again after the family comings and goings during Easter). I must say that I'm looking forward to having the house to ourselves including the tv handset!