Sunday, April 30, 2017

Life: It Goes On - April 30

Well, it's been a weird week here. It's been cold, it's been wet, it's been windy. We've had a sick girl (stomachs are the worst!). The Big Guy was off to Chicago for half the week. Miss H's car had to be taken in which meant I had to work around driving her to school and work one day. And did I mention wet and cold? If the forecast is to be trusted, though, it looks like we're headed toward a much better week so I'm hanging onto hope for a sunny, warm weekend next weekend.

I wish I had had more time for Dewey's Read-a-thon yesterday but I enjoyed the excuse to read for several hours guilt-free. I had downloaded Amy Poehler's Yes, Please the other day when it was available for $5 through Audible so enjoyed listening to that for part of the afternoon while I got some cleaning done. Plus, I'm not still in bed this morning so that's a good thing. I just might get something done today.

This Week I'm:

Listening To: I'm about half way through The Newlyweds. Mozhan Marno's reading is impressive and I'm learning about Bangladesh so my commute is all good. Also, the above-mentioned Yes, Please.

Watching:  Miss H and I had a girls' night Friday which means we ate pizza and sat in front of the t.v. We watched "Anastasia" which we found we can both sing along to impressively. We finally discovered The Mindy Project; I'm sure it's going to be a go-to until we get caught up with all of the episodes. Today I'm watching Bill Nye The Science Guy's new program; he's got me all fired up about climate change now!

Reading: Yes, I'm finally reading again! I finished two books yesterday. One, Concepcion and the Baby Brokers, had me thinking about the way I choose books. I had been thinking that I might need to stop taking chances on books for a while and stick to only reading books I'm more certain to enjoy. But this book was a complete "take a chance" kind of book and it reminded taking a chance on a book can be a wonderful surprise.

Making: Without BG around and with Miss H having stomach problems, I didn't make much of anything all week. Until yesterday, when I did make a lemon-lavender angel food cake. It's a recipe I'm tweaking and I'm not quite there yet but it's a recipe I'll definitely keep playing with.

The view from my window for the
past three days.
Planning: We are exactly two months from the wedding now so, needless to say, all planning is focused on that. Aren't you going to be glad when this wedding is done and I'm finally not talking about it?!

Thinking About: What I still need to get done on my 40 Bags project.

Enjoying: An evening with friends last night at a dinner party. We sat around the dining room table for four hours, laughing and solving all of our problems. We might have sat there much longer but we're old and it was midnight so we had to get home before our carriages turned back into pumpkins.

Feeling: Lazy. This is not a condition I can allow to continue given how little I got done yesterday.

Looking forward to: Sunshine. Soon, please.

Question of the week: What's your best sleep aid? Asking for a friend.


  1. We keep melatonin in the house for when we can't fall asleep. It's good now and then. Tell your friend to get the 5mg or higher kind. The 1mg tabs do nothing! The ready melts work better IMO.

    You said you are lazy? Well, I have just been staring off into space a lot. I feel fine doing this which is very strange for me to say or even admit.

  2. The rain has been relentless here too. Damp, chilly, and dreary. It's made for miserable moods and even more miserable commuting and errand-running. Plus, our lawn is way overdue for mowing, and it never dries out enough to mow. Our yard looks like a jungle.

    My best sleep aid is melatonin. I've been using it off and on for almost six years now, and it does help quiet my thoughts enough to let me fall asleep. It doesn't always keep me asleep, but I do fall asleep more easily with it.