Sunday, April 9, 2017

Life: It Goes On - April 9

So we were finally going to get some sunshine this weekend, then Kansas decided it was time for some controlled burns which means, with winds out of the south, it's been overcast with smoke all weekend. Argh! This girl needs some sunshine!

On the plus side, grey, wet days make it a whole lot easier to keep plugging away inside on the decluttering.

This Week I'm:

Listening To: Bookwise, I have about a half disc of That Old Cape Magic left which I will finish tomorrow. I'm not really sure what I'll pop in next. Musically, I'm on a soundtrack kick, mostly Hamilton and Beauty and The Beast. As for podcasts, this week I finished up The History Chicks episodes about Catherine The Great (and now want to read Robert Massey's book!) and I've listened to a couple of episodes of Futility Closet (I especially love their lateral thinking puzzles).

Watching: A couple of episodes each of Big Little Lies, Longmire, and Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee (Jerry Seinfeld); The Voice; and the birds making nests in my trees.

Reading: The Shadow Land by Elizabeth Kostova. Honestly, I'm about 100 pages in but seriously considering giving up on it. The writing is not impressing me and the thing that pulled me in about her The Historian, a plot that wouldn't let go of you from the beginning, is not developing at all.

Making: Not making, but remaking, a bar that my uncle made in the mid-1960's so that it can be passed on to Mini-him and a cedar chest finished to match that he can use as a coffee table.

Planning: On continuing on with my decluttering even after 40 Bags In 40 Days is finished in a week. In the beginning, I made a plan that mapped out each individual area that I wanted to get to during the project and I'm not through that list yet despite having gotten more than 40 bags/boxes out of my house these past five weeks.

Thinking About: My sister as she and her husband get their house ready to put on the market and shop for a new home. They are headed to Wisconsin as he has a new territory. We're going to miss having them close to us but excited for them.

Enjoying: Watching our great niece play soccer the other night. Even if it was freezing cold out (okay, not literally, but it felt like it in the wind!).

Feeling: Determined. The wedding is less than three months away now and I'm determined to check off everything on my to-do list of home fix-ups I want done before then.

Looking forward to: Flowers. The begonia that I brought in last fall has survived the winter and is already blooming inside. I can't wait my pots to be filled again and the garden beds to be growing.

Question of the week: This week I found the instruction manual for Windows. Not Windows XP, not Windows 95. Windows. Plus discs for so many iterations of Windows since then. Why in the world have we not gotten rid of these long ago? Are you as afraid of letting go of things you might need later as I seem to be?


  1. Your Windows discovery made me laugh. My dad can't throw away software of any kind. Last time he moved I did talk him to throwing away some actual floppy disks (the old 5 1/4) but it was quite the battle. Sounds like you've got a whirlwind ahead of you with the wedding and all the home fix ups you have on schedule! Have a great week!

    1. My son used to build computers here and we had all kinds of things around here that were left over from those days! Finally got him to clean it all out.

  2. I was considering reading The SHadow Land, but it actually took two tries for me to get into The Historian. I like the premise, though. My packrat husband still has quite a few of our worn out, obsolete PCs in the basement so finding disks of Windows wouldn't actually come as a shock to me. Time for a good cleanout!

    1. I gave up on The Shadow Land well over 100 pages in which is really unusual for me. But it just wasn't pulling me in.

  3. I work in IT and I have all sorts of things here at work I could toss. I think I even have install discs for WordPerfect! I did toss a lot when they moved me to a different building. However, I am being moved again, temporarily so they can expand my space. I am unionized and I claimed every square foot my position warrants and they shorted me by 30 sq feet so they are fixing it and I get new furniture too. But, I have to pack again.