Monday, September 3, 2018

Life: It Goes On - September 3

photo credit: Lora Higgins
Hope you've all had a nice three-day weekend. We spent it traveling to Rochester, MN to visit Mini-me and Ms. S. Sadly, Mini-me not only didn't have a three-day weekend, he didn't have any weekend at all. He recently started a job as a mail carrier with the post office but as an "assistant," which means he works all of the weekends and, thanks to Amazon, that means Sundays and holidays. Apparently the USPS didn't get the memo about the real meaning of Labor Day! Still it was so nice to spend as much time as we could with him and Ms. S was a great hostess.

Last Week I:

Listened To: We tried listening to Mohsin Hamid's Exit West while we were driving but it was too slow going to listen to once it got dark on the way up and there was too much traffic on the way home to be able to focus so I'll have to pick that one up another time. I'll be back to Born With Teeth tomorrow - really enjoying listening to Kate Mulgrew tell her story.

Watched: Saturday we drove from Rochester to The Big Guy's brother's and sister-in-law's home (about an 80 mins) to watch the Huskers play their first football game with their new coach at the helm. Sadly, endless thunderstorms in Lincoln meant the game was cancelled. Fortunately, that did give us more time to talk.

Read: I brought two books for the weekend and ended up only reading about 75 pages. I just can't read any more in the car - it doesn't seem fair to read while BG is doing the driving.

Made: I haven't been doing much cooking lately but I did make homemade root beer ice cream while we were in Rochester. That doesn't hold a candle to the meals our kiddos whipped up including fried tacos and gnocchi with sun-dried tomatoes and white beans. They are both such good cooks and make me think being a vegetarian wouldn't be such a bad thing.

Enjoyed: See collage - Rochester Farmer's Market, Quarry Hill Nature Center, a winery, Plummer House. Most of all getting to see where my kids are living now and spending time with my fur grand babies - Jasper and Lifter.

This Week I’m: 

Planning: On acknowledging that it's time to switch to fall decorating. I'm not sure I'm pulling out blankets yet, but pumpkins and acorns are likely to appear around the house this week.

Thinking About: Where or not I should take tomorrow off. I did have it scheduled off but then BG didn't want to take the day off. Technically, I could go to work. But I sort of don't want to, so...

Feeling: Happy to see my kids settled and doing well. Plus, we're happy they are so close to so much family, both for their sake and because it makes it easier for us to see lots of family as well. They are close enough to my aunt's and uncle's weekend getaway that they were able to come up and have dinner with us last night.

Looking forward to: My next trip north in just a month. We're headed to my sister's and brother-in-law's and will likely work in a brief visit with Mini-me and Ms. S again.

Question of the week: I may start to decorate for fall but I'm not ready to jump full into fall yet. What about you? Have you already had your first pumpkin spice fix?


  1. It sounds like you had a nice long weekend. Unfortunately a lot of people have to work on Labor Day. I'm sorry your son did too. I have to read or play a game on my phone while my husband is driving or else I'll drive both of us crazy. He drives so fast and with all the other traffic... It's best for both our sakes it I don't look. Haha

    My daughter is ready to decorate for Halloween already. :-)

    I hope you have a good week!

  2. I have had not one but two PSLs already. However, I did honor my family's wishes that I hold off on decorating. I did take down the spring/summer decor though, so I imagine I will start sneaking in pieces over the next week or so. And if not, the boxes are coming out in force next weekend. Holding off for a week requires some effort on my part!

  3. Sounds like you ate well when you were in Rochester. Looks like you visited some great places when you were there. The pets are adorable. I'm not sure whether my comments are getting through. Hope you get used to your new monitor.
    I remember you helping me with technical things when I first started blogging all those years ago! Have a good week Lisa.