Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Life: It Goes On - May 14

Sometimes life goes on a couple of days behind schedule. Like this week. Oh, well. It was a busy week last week, including Sunday and this week is going to be no better. So you might get next week's usual Sunday post on Wednesday, who knows.

Last Week I:

Listened To: Washington Black - oh, so good! I have a couple of weeks until my next audio hold comes in so I'll be catching up on some podcasts and listening to music until then.

Watched: Friday night I watched Dumplin' on Netflix, starring Jennifer Aniston. It's based on the book by Julie Murphy. It was sweet and fun and I recommend it when you want something that's not too heavy but also not utter fluff.

Read: I'm trying to finish up The Castle on Sunset and I've also started Jennifer Chiaverini's Resistance Women for a TLC Book Tour next week. Not sure how I'm going to get through it's almost 600 pages by Tuesday, especially with company all weekend. Note to self: start that damn book when it arrives in the mail.

Made: Lemon bars and brownies for dessert night with a couple of my besties and Miss H.

Enjoyed: Spending part of Mother's Day with my parents; spending a whole lot of time with Mini-him moving more stuff over, shopping for furniture, and decorating his place; and movie night with Miss H last night (courtesy of Mini-him who gave me tickets to go see The Sound of Music but was headed out of town and couldn't go with me).

This Week I’m: 

Planning: On putting my own house in order. We're hosting six adults and one baby this weekend who are all coming in from out of town for my niece's bridal shower.

Thinking About: How I'm going to spend my long Memorial Day weekend. The Big Guy is going to be busy much of the weekend so I'll have a lot to time to myself.

Feeling: Tired just looking at my to-do list. And after spending almost three hours just enjoying this beautiful evening on my patio, I'm already behind!

Looking forward to: A house full of family, especially my ten-month-old great-nephew.

Question of the week: Do you have a go-to bridal shower gift or do you order off their registry or look for something special?


  1. I order off the registry these days and often even have the item shipped. I showed up at a bridal shower recently with a card that told the bride I had the lamp shipped directly. I think that's OK. She was thrilled I bought the lamp. Ha! And I always know the gift is something they want.

  2. I've heard all the good things about Washington Black. I'd really like to get to it soon. Glad you had an enjoyable MOther's Day weekend.

    Dumplin' was cute. I needed a good feel-good movie.

    Shower gifts... I usually just see what's on the registry and then go from there.

  3. Newly married couples often don't have a lot of spending money so I usually get them memberships to things like museums or the botanical garden, etc. That way, on those lean paycheck months, they can still go out and have fun.