Sunday, May 19, 2019

Life: It Goes On - May 19

Whew - was it ever a busy last few days at my house! Between getting ready for company and having a house full of company for two nights, I am happily exhausted today. Slowly putzing around today putting things back in order, but also taking plenty of time for reading and relaxing. I have one more set of sheets to wash and get back on the bed and then it will look like no one's been here. Which is both calming for this girl who needs order but also sad that a fun weekend has come and gone. Hoping you've all had a weekend filled with plenty of time for fun!

Last Week I:

Listened To: Mostly music. Still two weeks until my next hold is available from the library. For some reason, I just wasn't able to get into any podcasts this week.

Watched: Yeah, sure, the weekend was about the bride. But we also spent a lot of time watching the antics of my ten-month-old, very busy, great-nephew.

Read: Racing to finish both Jennifer Chiaverini's Resistance Women for a TLC Book Tour review this week and E. L. Doctorow's Ragtime for this month's book club. Ragtime is a re-read for me but it's been decades since I read it so I am discovering it all over again. Next month the community playhouse will be performing the musical adaptation of the book which my book club will be attending as a follow up to the book.

Made: We kept it pretty simple this weekend - Friday night we grilled turkey burgers and had them with tossed salad and fresh fruit, Saturday night my mom and I made up some pans of lasagna which we had with tossed salad and garlic bread. Dessert last night was s'mores - can hardly get easier than that when you have a gas fire pit...unless it's raining! Fortunately it stopped raining just in time for us to put the guys to work toasting marshmallows.

Enjoyed: Family time and getting to see my niece in the role of bride at her shower.

This Week I’m: 

Planning: Miss H is no longer planning to move up (long story) so we are planning on a re-do of the basement family room so that it can truly be her living space. And, while we're at it, there will be a lot of things in my basement that are going to make their way to the Goodwill. There is so much furniture down there that I've been saving for the kids for "some day;" but since the boys have already taken what they need/want and Miss H isn't moving out for a while, it makes no sense to keep holding on to things.

Thinking About: How I'm going to fit some weekend trips in this summer. I need to go north and see Ms. S's and Mini-me's new house and south to meet my new great-niece!

Feeling: Pleasantly tired.

Looking forward to: A quiet week. I'm hoping to get summer decor out and do a lot of reading but otherwise, there's nothing on the calendar.                    I think.

Question of the week: Do you have big plans for the Memorial Day weekend?


  1. I really enjoyed my reread of Ragtime a few years ago, and then I watched the movie, which held up pretty well. I keep on this I should start a reading challenge for Those 70's Books! I find I really still like them.

  2. I've never read Ragtime, but have always wanted to. Of course, I own it. Will get to it someday. I'm listening to Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris. So far, so good. Wondering how it's going to go.

    My only Memorial Day weekend plans are to go see Brightburn and then pretty much veg out all weekend, reading. I expect I'll still be trying to recuperate from the crushing Game of Thrones disappointment. The boys will probably go with their dad again this weekend, and my family rarely does anything on this holiday. Monday is our grocery shopping day. I'm hoping everyone will be celebrating and it won't be crowded for a change. lol

    Have a great week, and a wonderful holiday weekend!

  3. We were thinking about heading out of town for the weekend but I am now thinking we will skip it. It's stressful for me to pack and take the pup with us when it's only a couple of days. I think we will just grill some burgers, watch movies and I will try to get some reading in too.