Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Life: It Goes On - July 23

Yes, I know it's not Sunday. Between being out of town over the weekend and beautiful evenings that called me out onto the patio for much longer than I planned, it's a wonder I'm getting this posted tonight.  So let's just get right to it, shall we?

Last Week I:

Listened To: I was listening to The Recovering until my library loan for Daisy Jones and The Six became available to I've switched to print for The Recovering. I was hoping to talk Miss H into an audiobook for our weekend road trip but she said she can't listen to a book when someone else is in the car. What's that about? On the plus side, she did put together a great playlist for us - we actually like a lot of the same music.

Watched: What ever anyone else is turning on. Because our basement is not yet put back together again since we got water in it, Miss H has spent a lot of time upstairs...watching I have no idea how many episode of Friends.

Read: I finished Sarah Miller's Caroline: Little House; Revisited and finally read Jesmyn Ward's Men We Reaped.

Made: Seriously guys - I cannot remember a single thing I cooked last week. I did bake peanut butter cookies.

Enjoyed: A quick weekend trip to meet my newest great-niece. Loved, loved spending time with my brother's family, especially the littles!

This Week I’m: 

Planning: Nothing. Wait, that's not true. I'm planning to build a mantel for Mini-him's fireplace as a birthday present. Because I needed another project to add to the ones I haven't finished yet.

Thinking About: How fast summer is going! Make time stop - no more back-to-school ads, no more fall decor tips. I need the long days and dinners on the patio to last several more months.

Feeling: Pretty darn excited to have gotten tickets for Hamilton even if I now feel like I need to find ways to cut back on my spending so The Big Guy will be cool with the amount I spent on the tickets.

Looking forward to: Celebrating Mini-him's birthday this weekend!

Question of the week: Be honest - are you already thinking about pumpkin spice lattes or are you with me on more swimming pool days?


  1. I missed summer entirely because of these summer school classes which just ended. Registration is next week. No summer here. If I had a choice I would hang on to summer even though I hate the heat but fall is all around me, already.

  2. Definitely swimming pool days. This is the best time of the year, I think. Long lazy days.

    I'm very interested in The Recovering and Daisy Jones. I can't wait to hear more.

    No, it's not the weekend, but that's perfectly okay. I'd love to have you link up at Sunday Salon. It's open, as it is every week, each Saturday and generally runs through our Monday.