Sunday, July 14, 2019

Life : It Goes On

The Big Guy and I went and got ice cream cones at McDonald's the other night and went and sat on this dock. It had just gotten dark and looking out over the lake, with its smattering of boat lights, was so relaxing. Except for the teenagers whooping it up in the parking lot - we weren't the only people who thought hanging out at the lake was a good idea!

That's about the highlight of my week. It's been every bit as slow and calm as I had expected and hoped. Except the part where my son got stuck in a flooded town. That'll stress a mom out! More on that later.

Last Week I:

Listened To: A lot of music and a fair number of episodes of podcasts including Happier, The History Chicks, and Nerdette.

Watched: Gone With The Wind, Gentleman Jack, and lots of Fixer Upper.

Read: I finished Karl Marlantes' Deep River and started Caroline: Little House, Revisited. I'm really enjoying Caroline but I'm already convinced it is 100 pages too long.

Made: It's clear that I have utterly lost my cooking mojo. We've survived on salads, simple pastas, chicken salad. We DID have our first BLT sandwiches of the season with tomatoes from our garden!

Enjoyed: Time for reading, dinners on the patio, doing not much more than keeping things tidied up.

Worried About: Yes, I did just add this category. Because worrying it what I do best. I spend a lot of time worrying about my kids. One of the ways I do that is by watching the weather wherever they are at. Except this past week, when I registered that there were torrential rains in central Nebraska resulting in flooding, and neglected to remember that my son was in a town in central Nebraska for work. Until he sent me a picture of flooded streets, saying "I'm not sure we can get back to our hotel or my car."

He and his co-worker made it to Cabelas, bought some hip waders and waded through the waters to their hotel, where they found Mini-him's car sitting in only a few inches of water. He moved it to higher ground shortly before they were evacuated to the University's dorms for the night. They were fine, the car was fine, and they were able to leave the town the next afternoon after the flood waters moved further down river. Not everyone has been so lucky; Nebraska farmers, in particular, are once again being hard it.

This Week I’m: 
It's bold and the paint strip
around the room will match.
Planning: On finally finishing the refinishing projects I've been working on for two weekends. Citrus Strip may be nontoxic and, therefore, great but it also doesn't take six layers of paint off as the toxic stuff. I'll be making a trip to Lowe's in a few minutes to go get some of that.

Also, hoping to get Miss H's mini-refresh done this week. Curtains and bedspread are here and I got the paint I needed on Thursday. Now I just need to get her home long enough to help

Thinking About: All of the things. My brain will not shut off lately nor stay on one topic long enough to make any decisions. Ugh.

Looking Forward To: Book club and a trip south to finally meet my newest great-niece.

Question of the week: I've got very little I have to read the rest of the summer. I'm hoping to knock off some books from my shelves but also wondering if you've got a recommendation for me. What book do I absolutely have to read before the summer is over?


  1. The worry category is one that I could easily add to my own post and I would never run out of content. Ever! I am glad your son is okay. I saw the mention of it on FB or Instagram and I know things like weather cannot be controlled but it's so stressful.

    I wish I could recommend a book to you but I am woefully behind while trying to finish my book club pick.

  2. I'm glad your son and his co-worker managed to leave the flooded area. Flooding is a horrible experience for residents and especially the farmers of an area. I haven't any books to recommend for summer reading. My reading has been rather niche at the moment; reading about families at the Tudor court that were associated with places that I've visited or hope to visit. Wishing you a good week with the makeover activity and book club meeting.