Sunday, May 30, 2021

Life: It Goes On - May 30

Happy Sunday! I hope that you're lucky enough to be enjoying a long weekend. I'm on day two of a four-day weekend and so far it's been a busy weekend, largely spent doing the things that should be done on Memorial Day weekend. It's not like it's warm enough to enjoy spending time outside anyway. I'm using my usual summertime Sunday post picture, since it's the summer kickoff weekend but the weather feels more like April. So over it!

Last Week I: 

 Listened To: I finished the first of the Hamish Macbeth books then skipped the second and third, which I've already read, and started the fourth. I'll finish that one then I'm finally back to books that have been on hold. 

 We finally watched Knives Out and both enjoyed it thoroughly. 

Read: I'm bouncing between books; I can't seem to settle on anything. I was reading George Saunders' A Swim In A Pond In The Rain but I had to read that a chapter at a time. I'm still working on Anne Serba's Ethel Rosenberg. Now I've started Virginia Pye's River of Dust, which is certainly something I would normally race through. 

Made: Ham and cheese sliders, a new take on guacamole with roasted corn, pork loin with apricot glaze, taco salad, goulash. I actually spent some time cooking, for a change!

Enjoyed: A hug from one of my oldest friends yesterday. So grateful for vaccines!

This Week I’m:  

Planning: Getting back to that desk, which has gotten shoved into the back of my garage. I'm still not sure if it will end up being stained or painted. Because that's how I operate. 

Thinking About:
We've been to three cemeteries this weekend, putting flowers on the graves of our families. It's so important to both BG and me to honor them and to think about all who have gone before us. 

Feeling: Sad. Yesterday we went to say our goodbyes to The Big Guy's aunt, who had been placed on hospice; we were grateful to go when we did because she passed shortly afterward. She was the last of that generation on both sides of his family. It's strange to think that we are now the oldest generation of that family. 

Looking forward to: Miss H will be coming through the door shortly, for the second of three weekends where she is basically using our house as a hotel. But we're always happy to get to spend time with her. 

Question of the week: How are you spending this weekend?


  1. Ah - that getting to be the oldest generation. Takes some getting used. I suppose it's a mixed blessing but, all in, I'd rather be young again.

    1. Me, too! Wouldn't it be great, though, to have all the knowledge and experience but to have the body you had when you were 30?!

  2. So sorry to hear of the aunt's passing. I'm glad you could visit her before she did though.

    This weekend was very nice. We went to Palm Springs. Lovely, hot weather, time by the pool, too much good food. I mean, way too much and I got gluten sick by accident which messed me up for a solid day. After graduation tonight I am going to do a cleanse because it's lingering and I just feel awful. The trip home normally takes about two hours and it took nearly five. So many out again. Made for a horrible drive home but everyone was so happy to be outside.

    1. How sad to end a lovely weekend with a terrible drive home!

  3. I've watched Knives Out at least five times now.