Sunday, May 16, 2021

Life: It Goes On - May 16

Happy Sunday! Coming to you tired but happy after getting out of town and spending time with family. We took my dad to spend a couple of weeks with my brother's family and those great-grandchildren are already making him so happy! Miss H met us there and she and I even got to crash my niece's baby sprinkle. Do you know about baby sprinkles? I hadn't heard of one before but if this one was a good example, they are lovely celebrations of moms-to-be who aren't first timers. Sadly, we had to cut out earlier than planned today because of the forecast, missing out on my nephew's vaunted smoked pork chops; the trip wasn't nearly long enough.

Last Week I: 

 Listened To: I started Jenny Offill's Weather but wasn't feeling it last week so I listened to music on my commutes for a couple of days and an episode of Terrible, Thanks For Asking. 

Watched: The Voice, American Idol, baseball. 

Read: I'm bouncing around between books, trying to get everything read before review dates and library return dates. Right now I'm racing to get through Fall On Your Knees which I really wish I had more time with because it's lovely but I can't check it out again because there's someone waiting on it - probably another book club member since it's one of our selections. 

Made: Monday The Big Guy made me french toast for dinner because I'd been craving it and another night he cooked a turkey the other night, just to get it out of the freezer which left me with a whole lot of turkey so tonight, it being chilly and grey, I improvised a turkey chili which was really delicious. Now to remember to write down what I put it in so we might be able to make it again some time! 

 Getting to see the renovations my brother and his wife have made in their home since we last were able to visit, exploring some new-to-us places, eating at an old favorite and lots of time with the family princesses. 

This Week I’m:  

Planning: The furniture rearranging I talked about last week and refinishing a desk. 

Thinking About: How closed-minded some people can be.

Feeling: Like weekends are never long enough...even when they last three days. 

Looking forward to: Having Miss H up for a few days next weekend for a special celebration I'll talk more about next week. 

Question of the week: Rainy days or sunny days - which do you prefer? I'm a sunshine girl all the way but two of my kiddos love rainy days. 


  1. Didn't know about baby sprinkle either.
    Love rainy days. If you live in the tropics, then that is something one looks forward to.

    1. I love a rainy day when it rains all day - just hate the days when it's grey but nothing to show for it! We've had hardly any rainy days this summer (which isn't all that odd here) but so many torrential downpours, even some that caused flooding where I have never seen it in more than 30 years here.

  2. Hooray for some time away with family! Since moving to FL, I'm even more of a sunshine person. Have a great week, Lisa.

    1. One nice thing about Nebraska winters is that at least we have a lot of sunny days so you can pretend that it might be warm outside if you can overlook that fact that the trees and shrubs are bare! But warm, sunny days are the best!

  3. Funny, I am making breakfast for dinner tonight. Gluten free waffles, Beyond Sausage and a crustless quiche.

    I like sunshine but on a 75-85 degree day. Not on a 118 degree day which I fear we will get a lot of this year. BUT, we had May Gray this month and drizzle the other day which was just so refreshing. Nice for walks and nice for airing the house out.

    1. I can't imagine it being that hot for even a day, let alone a lot of them! You'd be just as eager to race inside on a day like that as we are on the days when it's below zero!