Sunday, April 24, 2022

Life: It Goes On - April 24

Happy Sunday from the windswept plains! Seriously, it's been ridiculously windy here most days for a couple of months. I understand why people literally lost their minds because of the wind when pioneers were first settling here and I don't have to listen to it whistling through the walls and windows of my house. Still, it's full on spring, at long last - things are green, we're getting much needed rain, and the yard is filled with birds and baby rabbits. 

Last Week I: 

 Listened To: Morality For Beautiful Girls, the third book in the #1 Ladies Detective Agency series. Up next is Questlove's Music Is History.

Watched: We finished the latest season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel last night. I didn't realize we were on the last episode until it was done and I'm more than a little sad to not have saved it. 

Read: I finished In An Instant and started The School for Good Mothers

Made: Seriously, I might as well take this category off my weekly posts! I am, today, making broccoli soup because I accidentally ordered well more broccoli on my grocery order than I intended to order. 

 Yesterday Lincoln held something called The Big Event, whereby people can request a crew of college students to come help with things they need done around the house. We got a crew of nine young men to work at my dad's. They got straight to work and knocked out everything on my dad's list in just a couple of hours. We even took time for a cinnamon roll (my mom always served the kids cinnamon rolls so we had to keep that up) and water break, during which my dad regaled the young men with stories about the year my parents got an all-girl crew who astonished them with their hard work and his time at the university. Loved seeing those young men so attentive to my dad!

This Week I’m:  

Planning: Using the inch-by-inch I learned from someone I follow on Instagram, I continue to work on my purging and organizing project, focusing now on the basement. That will continue this week. Mini-him is coming for lunch today and I'm going to put him to work going through the things he still has stored at my house to make sure what's here are all things he really wants saved. My guess is that there is a lot that I've been holding on to more because of the memories I have than those that he does. 

Thinking About: It's baptism day for my great-nephew and I'm so wishing I were there to celebrate with the family; I've been thinking about them all day. 

Feeling: Resigned to the fact that my sciatic pain won't resolve itself and frustrated that it's almost impossible to find a doctor in my network that will take a new patient. 

Looking forward to: Book club on Tuesday. 

Question of the week: What's one of your favorite low-cal, high-flavor go-to meals? 

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