Sunday, August 14, 2022

Life: It Goes On - August 14

Happy Sunday! It's hot, it's sunny; but we're hoping for a lot of rain in the next few days, which, like so many of you, we desperately need. On the plus side, it has been less humid so that nights on the patio (or, as the case was last night, on my dad's front porch) are very tolerable. This week should be cooler so once the rain stops, I'm looking forward to reading on the patio again. 

Last Week I: 

 Listened To: I continue to listen to Patrick Keefe's Rogues, which I'm really enjoying. It's, as I said last week, a collection of his previously published essays and is filled with so many interesting stories of real life criminals. 

Watched: Football!!!

Read: I finished Grief Is Love and continue with Ruth Ware's It Girl. 

Made: The usual summer fare but also pasta carbonara, a repeat from a couple of weeks ago. 

 Time in Lincoln with my Dad yesterday and dinner at a place none of us had been in 40 years. It's like a time warp - looks exactly the same as it has for decades, even has the same level of decrepitude as ever. Followed that up with a drive through long time favorite Pioneer's Park and hot fudge malts at a nearby ice cream food truck. 

This Week I’m:  

Planning: After having overdone it last weekend, my back made me pay the price this last week (although it was no where near as bad as it once was) so little got done. This week will be all about playing catch up. 

Thinking About: It's all about what my dad will take with him when he moves and where he will put those things. 

Feeling: I'm starting to get in my feels about my dad leaving the house I grew up in and it's not uncommon for me to have to stop talking about his moving to pull myself back together. But I'm also eager to have him where life is easier for him and where he is nearby. 

Looking forward to: One of my mom's cousins from Denmark is arriving in Lincoln today, where he will be staying with my dad for a few days; so we are looking forward to see him while he is there as we haven't seen him in several years. 

Question of the week: Any other bloggers having trouble with Bloglovin'? It's not working for me at all and I'm missing all of your blog posts! 

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