Sunday, August 7, 2022

Life: It Goes On - August 7

Happy Sunday! Hot, hot, hot - it's been so hot here this past week! When the temperature is similar to Arizona's but it's not a dry heat, that's not good! It was finally cool-ish enough Friday evening that we could turn on the lights on the patio and spend some dusk time out there but it was too humid for both The Big Guy and the cat so we didn't stay out long. Between the heat and me not being able to find a chair outside that is comfortable to sit in for any period of time this year, there have been few nights on the patio all summer and I'm feeling cheated! There's still most of August, right?!

Last Week I: 

 Listened To: I finished The Scent Keeper yesterday. Next up is Patrick Radden Keefe's Rogues: True Stories for Grifters, Killers, Rebels, and Crooks. It's a collection of his previously published essays. I haven't read a collection of essays in a while so I'm looking forward to it. 

 Quite by accident (in other words, there was nothing else of interest on tv and we couldn't be bothered to pull up one of our streaming services) we ended up watching The Last Night In Soho. No idea when we started what we were in for and when we were finished neither of us was quite sure what we thought of it. 

Read: The same books as last week - I'm still reading only about 30 pages a day, even though I spend plenty of time sitting on my rear doing other things. 

Made: My work team had team bonding afternoon on Friday. We started at a place called The Makery, where we spent a couple of hours creating door hangers. I inadvertently grabbed the wrong cutout word and ended up with a much smaller "hello" than I had planned on having (and didn't feel like paying the extra to add some color to the bow) but otherwise, I'm pretty happy with my result. It was a lot of fun and I'd like to go back and try my hand at another one. 

 I received a card from my sister this week, on the front of which is one of her "doodles" of the two of us. I loved the sentiment contained in the card but I will treasure the drawing - it so represents the two of us! We also got to celebrate Mini-him's birthday finally and were joined by my dad and some family friends from California who we haven't seen in several years. It was bittersweet to see them since the man who had introduced them to us, one of my dad's friends from childhood, passed away a couple of years ago and we always miss him when we were altogether. I kept thinking, too, how much my mom would have loved to be with us. 

This Week I’m:  

Planning: On bringing up a table to work on - I know I said that a couple of weeks ago but it hasn't happened yet. You know, I had that puzzle to spend all last weekend on! <insert palm to face emoji here>

Thinking About: My dad has picked a place in Omaha and will be moving this fall. This is where the part of my mom that lives in me comes into full play - my mom loved to have something to plan for and organize. I know we will feel her guiding hand as we navigate this process, which is going to be very hard as we say goodbye to the house my parents bought in 1968. The house we grew up in, the place that holds so many memories. I will try to live with that by throwing myself into making this as easy for my dad as possible. I've already printed out the floor plan so I can start graphing out what furniture will fit where and thinking about how to bring as many memories with him as possible. 

Feeling: My feelings this week are mixed. I'm excited to report that my back is doing so much better that I'm able to cut down to one physical therapy session next week and then we'll see where we're at. Concerned for my sister and wishing I were closer to her. Happy that my dad will be so close to us soon. 

Looking forward to: A quiet week, I think. Although I haven't actually looked at this week's calendar yet today. 

Question of the week: If you were going to be making a move like the one my dad will be making, what things would be most important to you to bring with you?


  1. If I were moving like your dad, I would focus on downsizing significantly. I would choose to bring essentials plus one sentimental thing from each person I'd like to remember.

  2. I think with the humidity factored in, it must be 100 outside now so I dare not put my foot out in the yard. Keep cool!