Sunday, April 16, 2023

Life: It Goes On - April 16

Happy Sunday! It's grey, windy, and cold here today. Yes, cold. Two days ago it was 90 degrees. The only thing that's good about this cold front is that when it arrived it brought an inch of much needed rain. I suppose I should be taking advantage of a couple of weeks of cool temperatures to get done all of the things I meant to get done when it wasn't nice enough to be outside but haven't yet. But, oh my, am I longing to get outside and into the dirt!

Raise your hand if you're still working on taxes. I'm hoping it's not just me. If that weren't enough stress in one week, I got a new computer. You all know how that goes - it's great except that you keep coming to things that you want to do but first you have to add something to the computer, or learn how the new computer does it.  

Last Week I: 

Listened To: I finished Edna O'Brien's The Little Red Chairs and started Kelly Rimmer's The German Wife

Watched: Nothing memorable. 

Read: I finished Paul Gallico's Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris and will finish Victor LaValle's Lone Women today. 

Made: I haven't cooked or baked a single thing this week - The Big Guy has really stepped up and made dinner every night that we've been home to eat. 

Enjoyed: This week is the very reason I included this piece in my Sunday posts. It's been a crazy week. In weeks like this one, the enjoyable moments are not as easy to find as they are in other weeks. I put this here to make myself really think about what I enjoyed during the week, no matter how small a thing it was. This week, that was a few hours just chatting with BG's brother and his wife, a little dinner and dessert with friends later last night, and a couple of hours organizing in my office. 

This Week I’m:  

Planning: It's another busy week. Book club Tuesday, a trip this coming weekend (I can count on one hand the number of times I've traveled without BG!), finishing taxes, and, likely, some long days at work. Don't see myself getting much else done. 

Thinking About: Taxes. Why do they have to be so complicated for the average Joe???

Feeling: A little blue, to be honest. My parents' house went on the market on Friday. As much as I know it's time for that to happen, every step is hard. 

Looking forward to: Friday, when I get in a car with one of my Tier Ones and we head south to see another of my Tier Ones! 

Question of the week: This month my book club is reading The Many Daughters of Afong Moy, which addresses the topic of epigenetic. Have you heard about epigenetic? If so, what do you think about it?

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