Sunday, July 23, 2023

Life: It Goes On - July 23

Happy Sunday! I can't believe there's only one week of July left, especially since it hasn't felt much like July here, what will all of the rain and cooler temps. This coming week, though. Woah, it is going to be a scorcher - we're finally getting what so many of the rest of you have been suffering through. I'm going to try to embrace it because, come January, I'll be wishing for heat. Knowing that, when I got my hair done last week, I had 3" of hair cut off. Shortest it's been in a while and I'm loving it. 

Last Week I: 

Listened To: Abraham Verghese's Cutting For Stone. Sadly, my loan expired before I finished and I had gotten rid of my print copy; so I can't finish until I can get the audiobook back!

 We went to see Barbie last night - a friend and our husbands, who are very good sports. I have not laughed so hard at a movie in a long time. But it also has such a great message. We highly recommend it! One quibble - we all felt like they weren't sure how to end the movie and what they did was a bit corny. 

Read: Back to Chris Bohjalian's Midwives

Made: A new Dutch baby recipe with blueberries and lemon and today I'm making Asian chicken salad and red velvet cake for Mini-him's birthday dinner. 

Enjoyed: Book club. We played a rousing game of Jeopardy, based on The Midnight Library

This Week I’m:  

Planning: I've started bringing things out of my dad's place that he will not be taking with him when he moves so I need to find new homes for some of those things. Given the heat, I'll probably spend a lot of time working in the basement, boxes up Miss H's things that have been decorating our family room area, hauling more things out to go to the Goodwill, and reorganizing. 

Thinking About: Still thinking about the idea of Swedish death cleaning and pondering what we need to do to get on board with that. At the same time as I think about what needs to be done to move both Miss H and my dad this fall. 

Feeling: Like I need another day off of work with nothing at all on the agenda - no hair appointments, no doctor's appointments - just a full day that I'm not trying to cram off of the cleaning into. 

Looking forward to: A quiet week. 

Question of the week: What are your best tips for beating the heat but also enjoying summer? 

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