Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Salon - February 5

Welcome to the Snowman edition of the Sunday Salon! After getting no more than 8-9" total of snow all winter, we got that much snow overnight Friday and into Saturday. Not that nice light fluffy stuff that doesn't make good snowballs but is easy to scoop. Oh no, this was the kind where every scoopful felt like it weighed twenty pounds. Miss H does two of the neighbors' driveways and sidewalks and with that much snow The Big Guy and I felt like we should help her. Once we got through all of that, it was a day to play on the computer, watch movies and read, read, read. I'll tell you what, I'm hurting today but geared up to get the house cleaned and ready to have some people in to watch the Super Bowl. Go Giants (I have to say that; Miss H is a huge fan)!

I spent yesterday afternoon getting caught up on reviews. In almost three years of blogging, I've never been so far behind on reviews! It's nice to be ahead on posts for a change, though. This week I'll have reviews of Across The Endless River by Thad Carhart and Left Neglected by Lisa Genova. I updated my challenges and find that I'm off to a good start there for a change. Maybe I'll succeed at all of them this year!This week I'm reading Rules of Civility by Amor Towles. I've been looking forward to it for awhile, especially after finding it on so many bloggers "best of 2011" lists. What are you reading this week?

This week's highlight for The Big Guy and me will be a concert in Lincoln on Saturday night. Every year, Neal and Leandra (a folk music duo) come to either Omaha or Lincoln to perform and we've been going for years. We've never tired of hearing them and have been happy to introduce their music to many friends. Here's why:

What are you looking forward to this week?


  1. Yes, I saw in the paper today you guys got socked! I hate getting behind on reviews - I get the books mixed up after awhile! LOL

  2. Snow? what's that?
    It has not been a real winter here in Minnesota. boo on that.

  3. Ahhhh, a Giants fan.
    I don't really care either way, I'm a Steelers fan, but my mother is for the Pats, so.

    I know what you mean about being behind on reviews! I never have gotten behind and I'm about 4 behind right now. I just can't seem to get caught up!

    Sorry the snow isn't the nice kind, I hope you make the best of it! :]

  4. I am so happy I bought a snow blower this year. Not a drop of sustainable snow all winter!

    Sorry you got socked, but I love reading and having an excuse not to go out!

  5. Sounds like you got all of our snow. I know it sounds crazy but I miss the snow and just feel like our winter is beyond strange!!! I'm tired of the mud and muddy dogs!! Now I get to deal with it until at least May!!

    Yay to you for getting caught up! I will probably write my weeks worth of reviews tomorrow night because my hubby will be working and that's when I like to spend time on the computer. I'm reading Still Life right now and enjoying it!

    Hope you're enjoying the Super Bowl! Have a great week!

  6. Can you send some of that snow to southern Ohio? I really would like one snow day this winter!

    Today is the first day I have been all caught up on reviews all year long. It feels so good to be caught up and to have posts scheduled for the next two weeks!

    Go Giants! I'm a Packers fan but cannot stand Tom Brady, so I'll be rooting for Manning and the Giants, even if they did knock out my Green and Gold!

  7. We were talking/skyping with AWP during the storm. I wish the snow would come this way. We had a snowy March and with Feb just beginning... there is hope for snow. :)

    Enjoy your cleaning projects and getting organized.

  8. I'm rooting for the Giants...but only because I really want the Patriots to lose. :-D

  9. Hmmm.... looking forward to a little reading time, my work out schedule to stick and my birthday on Thursday! Should be a good week!

  10. It looks like your team won, Lisa - congrats!

    Can't wait to read your thoughts on Left Neglected.

  11. We have hardly had any show this year! So weird for NY. I'm totally okay with it though :-)

    Hope you had a great Super Bowl night! :-)

  12. Wow! I can't believe how much snow you guys have received. We're still hovering nicely in the 50s here--feels weird after the last couple of winters that we've had. Keep wondering if we'll get any ice or not!

    Thanks for the heads up on Neal and Leandra! I haven't heard of them but adore folk music. Glad you had a great time at the concert!