Sunday, July 21, 2013

Life: It Goes On - July 21

I've been trying so hard this week to appreciate the heat of summer; I know before long I'll be complaining about the never-ending cold of winter. We certainly haven't been as hot as my friends on the East coast have been. Let's just say, though, that my coffee in the morning's been iced, there have been few dinners on the patio, and every day requires watering all of my plants outside. On the plus side, my tomato plants are thriving!

Here's What I'm:

Listening To: I'm starting Tom Perrotta's The Abstinence Teacher this week for my book. I've also downloaded about thirty podcasts on my phone so I've been having fun catching up with my NPR shows, Lian Dolan's The Chaos Chronicles, and TED Talks.

Watching: Last night we went to see Red 2 starring John Malkovich, Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren last night. So, so good! We went with a group of friends and I believe we three ladies guffawed so loudly and so often that we actually managed to embarrass The Big Guy. I can't begin to make you understand how hard that is to do!

Reading: Nancy Bilyeau - first The Crown and now The Chalice, which I'm reading for a TLC Book Tour. Then I've got time to pull something off my shelves before my next scheduled review. Can't decide if I'll read a review book or something that's been collecting dust for a while.

Making: Veggie pizza with homemade crust and homegrown tomatoes, basil, banana peppers. So yummy!

Planning: On trying to be more productive this week. I haven't felt well for the past couple of weeks and it shows around the house.

Grateful for:

Loving: Nook's Daily Find. I've added several more books to my Nook this week. The best part is that they come without guilt - they're inexpensive and won't sit on my shelves looking at me, wondering when I'll finally get around to reading them.

Thinking: There's an end in sight putting Miss H's room to rights. I have never seen anyone with so many bottles of nail polish, so little ability to get rid of anything, and so many darn bobby pins every where!

Looking forward to: Seeing old friends tonight. She is the person who introduced me to The Big Guy. Most of the time I love her very much for this! He and The Big Guy have been friends since they were fifteen. It will, undoubtedly, be another evening filled with much laughter and, god help me, stories about the good old days.

What are you looking forward to this week?


  1. I just can't be appreciative of the heat we've had in NYC. It feels like a giant electric blanket was thrown over the skyscrapers and we can't get out from under it. I'm re-reading Hawaii. I pick a classic and re-read every summer.

  2. I hear you on summer heat. I'm trying not to let this week get to me either. This is nothing like last summer, so I feel like we have no right to complain! (That and the hot weather was so long in coming, I feel like to complain now would be to be rather ungrateful now that summer is finally here.)

    Please don't say that about your daughter's room. H wants a room renovation for her birthday. Thankfully, it doesn't involve painting or replacing her major pieces of bedroom furniture. Still, I'm afraid of what we are going to find when we get in there and start tackling it.

  3. The heat...YUCK. I'm in Wisconsin and I'm so much more acclimated to winter, lol. It finally cooled off here after a string of terribly hot and humid days. I'd rather have snow, for real.

    You've had a good week! Good books, good food, good movies, etc. :) Great to hear!

  4. Hmmm, pizza. I just happened to catch most of Red on TV yesterday. It was pretty good. Lots of big names. I didn't know about the sequel until just the other day.