Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lit: Books, Books, and More Books

This week I'm just going to be rambling (and ranting a little) - I just wanted to forewarn you right up front.

I just ordered another book for my Nook; today's Nook deal was Sarah Dessen's What Happened To Goodbye? I've been hearing you all rave about Dessen for years so for $2.99 I decided it was time to give her a shot. Young adult books are usually not my thing but I'm trying to be more open minded..

I see that Meg Waite Clayton's latest book, The Wednesday Daughters is being released today. Clayton's The Wednesday Sisters is one of the books I've got ready on the Nook. Bloggers, have any of you read the new one yet?

I've been taking books to sell to Half-Price Books for a couple of years. I'm not always thrilled about the amount of money I get, but I've always looked at it this way: the books are out of my house and I got enough money to buy at least a couple of new-to-me books. But the other day I took more than a dozen recent, mostly hardcover books, in and after waiting 15-20 minutes got an offer of $4. $4?? That doesn't even pay for the time I was waiting for them! I get their pricing scheme; it's all about supply and demand and right now they have more supply than they know what to do with. But offering someone $4 for a dozen good books is kind of an insult. I walked out of the store with my books and will donate them to my library for their book sale.

I found this quote on Meg Waite Clayton's website:

"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one. "— C.S. Lewis

I must say, I love that! I truly think that all of the friends I've made as an adult have come to me that way. Also, I think C.S. Lewis must have been a fascinating person; I'm always coming across wonderful things he has said.

I set a goal on Goodreads this year to try to read 80 books in 2013. I have only finished 35. Argh! I have read a couple of seriously big books (The Wind Up Bird Chronicle and Under The Dome and half of Les Miserable) and there were a couple of books that I started and didn't finish. But I have over 700 books on my to-be-read shelf on Goodreads and there are a good deal more books I don't have listed there that I want to read and/or already own to read. People, I am NOT a young woman! If I have any hope of reading a fraction of what I'd like to read in my lifetime, I need to get cracking!

What's the latest bookish news with you?


  1. I need to suck it up and try Dessen, too. Good price on that beauty!

  2. You've made me think of how many books there will still be to be read when I've left this body behind. Ahhh! That makes me so sad. Let's get cracking indeed! ;)

    I've been reading like a maniac this past week. It's been so hot that I feel like doing nothing else!

  3. I always donate to the library. I find that the half price stores offer you little and sell the for more and it's infuriating.

    As for books I'm still listening to Under the Dome. I've had to fit others in between. Have you watched the show at all? I'm not really impressed with it. Right now I'm listening to Jeanette Wells The Silver Star and its good. I'll have to check how many books I'm up to on Goodreads since I've been doing pretty good this year so far.

  4. You are ahead of me with 35 books! Yeah you... okay, I set a low bar. I have never read 80 books in a year :)

    I sadly have moved to no more paper... with books. I can't stand the clutter and don't have anywhere to donate them. I still have about 100 books from Barbara to get rid of (yikes) - they are sitting nicely in a bookshelf, out of site.

    I'm longing for a book that I can't stop reading.... can you find this for me? :)

  5. that sucks about the books. u just recently gave a whole bunch away at work, and have a box waiting to go to the library. Hopefully they can sell them and make a little money off them.

    Hope your new purchases are good!

  6. Better places to "sell" books:

    -Amazon (if they are worth enough) - not selling, but trading so you get rid of some you want to get rid of but then you get books that you want to read, all for free!
    -Garage sale

    Or just donate them or give to friends!

    -Rebecca @ Love at First Book

  7. At least once per week, I look at the books on my shelf and realize at my current rates of acquisition and reading I will not finish them all unless something radically changes!

    I donate my books to a local charity or pass them on to friends.