Sunday, August 25, 2013

Life: It Goes On - August 25

After going to Kansas City this spring to catch a Royals game, we were excited to head back down again for another game this weekend. Once again, I thought six hours of driving would give me a lot of reading time. Once again, I underestimated that amount of talking The Big Guy would want to do. You'd think after over 30 years these kinds of things wouldn't surprise me!

I've never much minded reading hardcover books, despite them being heavier and harder to hold. Strangely, I do think that had something to do with why I didn't read more. We had the morning to lounge around before the game today but I just couldn't get comfortable with the book. I found myself really wishing I was reading it on my Nook. Yikes, it's already happening!

Here's What I'm:

Listening To: It's been a 90's/00's rock and roll week for me - Dave Matthews Band, Incubus, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam.
Loved the seats we had this time!

Watching: Baseball and football mostly. I've never been much for watching baseball on tv but lately I've found it makes a great background while I'm accomplishing other things. Still, the real thing is much more fun!

Reading: Still listening to A Thousand Splendid Suns on audio. I'm enjoying it but not loving it. I started In Cold Blood on my nightstand this week; only a chapter in and so far I'm really liking Truman Capote's writing.

Making: It's been a lazy week in the kitchen again this week - pasta, salads for the most part. I did make some delicious three-cheese grilled sandwiches but somehow they just aren't the same without tomato soup and it's much too hot for soup right now!

Planning: Mini-him and I spent ten hours working on our basement this week and I'm loving what we got done. Most of it is now, finally, finished. But one area still needs a lot of work and I'm planning on using my half day this week and next weekend to try to put that area to rights. I've got a construction project for BG in that area that may not get done for a while but it won't impact my ability to finish the rest.

Grateful for: This guy. We have fun together and he takes good care of me.

Loving: Taking trips without the kids. I do miss having them with us some of the time and I'm always seeing things I wish they were there to see but the logistics of two versus five just make things much more relaxed!

Thinking: It's going to be entirely too hot this week - highs every day in the 90's!

Looking forward to: It's time to make some changes to the look of Lit and Life. I've set up a test blog to start experimenting.


  1. I love traveling with my husband, but it's definitely not a time for reading or listening to audio books. After 25 years of marriage, we still love to simply chat while we drive. We never seem to run out of topics!

    We used to go to a lot of baseball games when we lived in Texas. Loved the Arlington ballpark! We've been in Lincoln for over 20 years now and yet to make it down to KC for a game. Maybe next summer...

    I read In Cold Blood back in 2006 and gave it a 8/10 rating (review here) I was very impressed. Much more so than Breakfast at Tiffany's!

    Stay cool! It's gonna be a miserable week, I'm afraid.

  2. "the logistics of two versus five just make things much more relaxed"

    So true! Glad you and TBG had such a good time :)

  3. Maybe I should listen to In Cold Blood. I started reading it and had to put it down. It just wasn't right for me when I picked it up but since I've heard such great things, I really do want to read it. . .

    -Rebecca @ Love at First Book

  4. I love grilled cheese triangles dipped in tomato soup! I didn't have soup the other day and used mozzarella for the cheese and then dipped in marinara sauce. Yum!

    I loved In Cold Blood. So chilling.

  5. It must be hot there, but better for enjoying outdoor activities. It's good to have a basement space and glad you've nearly finished your decorating project.
    I've tried to do some decluttering lately, but most painting and decorating jobs in the house will have to wait for a more settled routine in the Autumn. Intrigued by your plans to change the look of your blog - a test blog to experiment sounds like a good idea!

  6. Oooh, In Cold Blood. Such a fantastic book!!

  7. I'm looking forward to seeing your new blog look!