Sunday, March 16, 2014

Life: It Goes On - March 16

Good morning from cold Omaha, where two days ago is was 75 degrees but last night it snowed. 

We had another mini-staycation last night, which was also a belated birthday celebration for Miss H. We headed into Lincoln and picked up one of her friends to go to dinner and spend the night. My brother and his wife were in town to watch the boys from her alma mater play in the high school boys' basketball tournament so we got to spend some time with them which was nice, too. Picture to the contrary, we did not put my brother to sleep!

Here's What I'm:

Listening To: I got caught up this week on podcasts for NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour, TED Talks Audio, and the New York Times Book Review. 

Watching: Basketball, basketball and more basketball. 

Reading: I got almost finished with Outlander before I had to put it aside to read half of The Goldfinch for book club this week. I'll finish up Outlander this week and then start Violet Kupersmith's The Frangipani Hotel for an upcoming TLC Book Tour.

Making: Raspberry bread pudding for my dad's birthday dinner. 

Planning: To continue with "40 Bags In 40 Days," hosted by Ann Marie at White House Black Shutters. Thanks, Lisa (Books Lists Life) for bringing this to my attention. The goal is to "declutter, simplify, decrapify, and get rid of things you don't need." I'm late to the party but I'm going to take today to get caught up. You know how much I love to do this!

Grateful for: Getting to spend so much time with family this week. 

Loving: Those 75 degree days we had. The lawn is ready for spring, we got to walk outside in shorts, and plans are in the works for some new things for the patio. 

Feeling: Tired. Our hotel room thought it should be 80 degrees no matter what we set the thermostat at. I'm not ready to sleep in that kind of heat yet!

Thinking: It's time to start composting again. I've felt a little guilty all winter throwing things away that I know I put in the bin if it were warm enough for them to decompose. 

Looking forward to: Book club Tuesday night!


  1. What a change in your weather! Sounds as if you had a good time with family. Enjoy your book group. I've just picked up The Chaffinch from the library after waiting on a list for ages. It's a thick book so hope I can get through it before I have to return it since I have a lot planned in the next week or two such as Spring cleaning.

  2. It's supposed to be nice again this week, although no 70s as far as I can tell. Thank goodness the snow was just a dusting!

    Where'd you have dinner? Yia-yia's?

    Not sure if you've read Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger (my review goes up later today), but I just found out he'll be at the Fremont library on April 26th. Unless we get a blizzard, I plan to go! I loved this book!

    Good luck with the de-cluttering. I have plans to tackle my basement this summer. We'll see how that goes. ;)

  3. Sounds like you had a full weekend. I love staycations.

    I am at work right now and crabby. The earthquake that hit 6:30am while I was alone in the office was a nice way to jolt me awake. I had no coffee in me but I certainly didn't need any after that! I wish it was the weekend. Not good since it's only Monday.

  4. You had some great weather! We had 60s this weekend which was really nice. Can't wait for spring! Good luck with your decluttering! I need to get on that too around my house. Have a fabulous week.

  5. I'm loving the short little spurts of warm weather, too. It's supposed to be 79!! today but windy windy so not really weather I can take the babe out walking in. It does make me a bit scared for the summer, though. I don't want to rush too quickly into the warm weather!

    Good luck with the 40 bags. I told Lisa I'd do this, too, but I'm just not feeling it this month. I did get my craft room all organized, though, and I'm guessing I had about a dozen bags just from that job. Good luck!!

    Can't wait to hear what you think of Goldfinch!

  6. Outlander has been on my list for reading since I started blogging and I still haven't gotten to it. I now have it on audio which should motivate me but it hasn't yet. Lol.

    We save all our bits for our neighbor who has a big compost pile. It did feel wasteful throwing it all out during the winter. I imagine we'll be starting soon as well. I just want to see the end of winter already as it's been much too long this year!

  7. 40 Bags in 40 Days is exactly what I need! I will need to check it out.

  8. Looks like you had a lot of fun. I'm glad. I would love a staycation!

    How are you liking Outlander? I'm enjoying it, although I have very little time to read these days. *weep*

    Have a great rest of the week!