Sunday, March 2, 2014

Life: It Goes On - March 2

What a fun weekend we're having - despite having record cold temperatures. Yesterday was Miss H's 19th birthday - she's finally legally an adult in Nebraska which means I don't, technically, have any children left. How can that have happened? I swear it was only yesterday I was bringing my first baby home from the hospital! She had to work all day so her day was a bit muted as far as a celebration but we made sure to work in some fun things.

Tonight I'm headed off to an Oscar's party - my friend Cheryl hosts it every year and it's so much fun. We're vocal about fashion, compete to see who can guess predict the most winners, and enjoy fun cocktails and great food. I'm looking forward to it! I'd glam up to go but too many diamonds would look silly with the parka I'll be forced to wear to get there.

Friday night The Big Guy and I headed off for a staycation here in town. I highly recommend it. If it had been nice, we could have walked every where we went. So relaxing and we used it as an opportunity to eat at some places we don't go very often. We're planning another one in a couple of weeks when we'll head to Lincoln. Hopefully it will be nice enough then to get out and about more!

Here's What I'm:

Listening To: Podcasts this past week and I'll probably spend much of the next few weeks catching up with those. I'm all caught up with Satellite Sisters and I'm working on getting caught up with Radio Lab now. Did you know there used to be 415 days in a year??? Okay so it was 450 billion years ago but still. I learn so much every time I listen to Radio Lab!

Watching: The Voice and a lot of college basketball. I'm a little lost since the Olympics ended!

Reading: I finished The Moon Sisters this morning for a TLC Book Tours review tomorrow and now I'm back to Outlander.  I really need to get started on The Goldfinch which is the March/April selection for the Omaha Bookworms as well.

Making: Shredded chicken lasagna, chicken enchiladas and, for Miss H's birthday, key lime cupcakes.

Planning: To avoid going outside as much as possible this week. I'm hunkering down until the above average temperatures move in next week.

Grateful for: A husband I enjoy spending time with.

Loving: Orange - I'm obsessed with the color right now. I've used it to accessorize in Mini-me's room/the guest room and now I'm looking for other places I can use it. Pulled out one of BG's grandma's bowls for some Halos in the kitchen and it makes me happy to have the bit of color on a dreary winter day.

Feeling: Like the weekends are much too short. Why is the more fun you have packed into these two days, the faster they go by?

Thinking: I may have packed too many book commitments into March. I'm not sure I'm going to get any mysteries read at all!

Looking forward to: I think I've covered this already - Oscar party tonight and warmer temperatures!


  1. I'm looking forward to warmer temps, too! We had talked about heading out for coffee and bagels this morning, but with the temp at -5 and a windchill of -25 I decided it would be nicer to stay home... in my flannel pjs. :)

    When you come to Lincoln, you should plan to have dinner at Henry's on South. It's near Leon's on South and Winthrop. We went with friends a couple of months ago and it was delicious! Be sure to make reservations, though. They fill up very quickly and it's a small venue.

  2. Shredded chicken lasagna sounds really good. I've always been a lasagna traditionalist, but it may be time to branch out. Happy Birthday to Miss H!

  3. I love Radio Lab! I loved that tidbit I learned to :) Sounds like you are going to have a really fun time tonight for the Oscar party. I haven't been able to convince my husband to climb up on our roof to put up an antenna so we have no TV signal except for a Spanish channel and no cable or satellite. And not being to find anyone to watch the Oscars with...I'm left home alone with a computer refreshing every minute to see what's happening! So have a lot of fun tonight!!!!

  4. The Oscar party sounds like a great time. And in Nebraska, diamonds and parkas are a perfectly acceptable fashion combo. :) I will be cuddled up with my blanket, a box of kleenex, a cup of soup and a notepad for selecting the best/worst dressed. I know nothing about the actual movies. :)

  5. You getaway sounds special. We did something like that the weekend before Valentine's day. Happy March Reading!

  6. Key Lime Cupcakes!! Great taste Miss H! Hope that she had a lovely birthday. I'm currently holed up in the bedroom watching the red carpet footage an hour after it has been over--fast forwarding through all the commercials. I've only seen Gravity so I'm feeling a bit lost watching but I enjoy seeing all the dresses. LOL! So Outlander isn't grabbing you, huh? I thought about reading Goldfinch this month but opted for East of Eden instead. Maybe if I finish it early.

    Warm up soon!! (me too--we have ice covering our driveway).

  7. Yes I'm definitely looking forward to warmer weather! The Oscar party sounds like a lot of fun and it's so hard to believe how quickly kids grow up. I used to love listening to podcasts but I kind of forgot about them! I'll have to look into them again.

  8. Sounds like you had a great time at the party! I had fun watching the show this year. It was a little on the safe side, but I thought it was pretty funny.

  9. Hope you had a fun Oscar party! Can't wait to hear what you think of Goldfinch - I struggled quite a bit with it. Which is a shame because so many have loved it.

  10. Oh, you're being silly thinking that diamonds don't go with ANYTHING you might wear. Of course they work with a parka! Can I crash your Oscar party next year?
    This was the first Oscars in my lifetime that I wasn't cuddled in bed asleep when it ended and didn't have to wake up to find out who won. I was only able to watch the first 30 minutes and then we went out to dinner (in Vegas) and it was an AMAZING amazing dinner by one of the FoodNetwork star's restaurants. He wasnt' there (Scott Conant) but we were very impressed.