Sunday, April 6, 2014

Life: It Goes On - April 6

Greetings from Omaha, where spring is still fighting to make an  appearance. Snow on Tuesday, temperatures in the sixties this weekend. I have spent the past week not caring much one way or the other; it's been all I could do to go to work each day. Finally this weekend I have regained some energy and have been catching up on sleep.

I hadn't been to walk in two weeks until today. Couldn't do what I've worked up to but it's a start and I think will help my lungs finally heal up. With nice weather in the forecast this week, I think I'll try to get out and get some walking in every day.

Here's What I'm:

Listening To: I finished Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm  on Friday and will start my first Anthony Trollope, The Warden tomorrow. It's entirely possible the review for Rebecca will be in graph form.

Watching: Free HBO this weekend means that I've done most of the housework while I've also watched all three seasons of GAME OF THRONES. Dang, people, I can see why so many of you love the books and the series. My April reading plan may have just gone up in smoke; I'm seriously considering starting the series.

Reading: I finished Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni's (One Amazing Thing) Oleander Girl; I'll have a review this week. The Omaha Bookworms will meet to discuss the second half of The Goldfinch next week so I'm back to reading that and enjoying it.

Making: Yesterday I made something I'm calling cheeseburger cups which were a huge hit. Now I just have to try to remember the proportions I used! I also cooked a crockpot of chicken breasts for this week, a batch of peach steel cut oats for breakfast this morning and three loaves of banana bread today.

Planning: My goal this week is just to try to catch up and continue to finish up some small projects I did have the energy to start last week including a major reorganization of paperwork inspired by 40 Bags In 40 Days.

Grateful for: Modern medicine and The Big Guy who has taken very good care of me the past couple of weeks.

Loving: Signs of spring, including the tulip plant BG brought home the other day to brighten my day.

Feeling: Antsy. I'm ready to be back to full energy!

Thinking: Of unplugging for a week, although I'm not clear in my mind yet exactly what that will entail. I know myself better than to think that I could go a whole week without ANY internet communication.

Looking forward to: Time with friends this week and time with my mom and sister-in-law on Saturday - lots of girl time!


  1. A book review in graph form . . . can't wait to see how that works. :)

    I am the minority that didn't care for Game of Thrones I suffered through 27 cd's on the recommendation of a friend. I just didn't get into it.

    The unplugging idea sounds wonderful. I keep considering it myself - but never do. I have been having issues with dry eyes and eye strain. It would do me good to not look at a computer screen for awhile - but that would require time off of work. We are too attached to those machines! :)

    Thanks for sharing. Fun list. Have a happy and blessed Easter.

  2. I love love love Game of Thrones! It's my favorite show and I also just started watching it recently. The husband and I also started listening to the books and it is slow going because it is so huge. (The equivalent of the first episode took us more than 4 hours of audio.)

  3. Glad you have some energy back. I find that when my energy is low life seems to pass me by for a few days. I'm trying to get some projects done in the house, go to planning meetings to do with interest groups and catch up with reading. I finally finished The Goldfinch as I was given an extra week's loan by a kind librarian. I've read The Warden twice as it's one of the pile of books in Italy that's just right for a short holiday period.