Saturday, April 26, 2014

Readathon Update

Hour 11
The readathon's been in full swing for over 10 hours now and many people have been reading like crazy for all of that time. Me? Not so much. First of all, I was up late (and, if I'm being honest, I had a bit too much wine last night!) so I slept in and I've been easily distracted all day. Fortunately, my house is looking good so I have something to show for it!

Hour 18:
This is the readathon's 18th hour - clearly, when you see my numbers, not my 18th hour of reading! I am going to try to stay away for a couple more hours and make at least a good start on Claire Cook's Must Love Dogs: A New Leash On Life.

Hour 21:
I made it into the 21st hour of reading but this is going to be it for me. Reading is supposed to be fun and by 3 a.m. it's losing its appeal!

Pages Read: 384

Books Finished: The Kings and Queens of Roam by Daniel Wallace and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Hound of the Baskervilles. 


Katie, at The Book Monsters, challenged us in this hour to post a picture of our TBR shelves, a Shelfie! Since I have quite a few TBR book shelves  and I didn't feel like hiking upstairs, this is one of the shelves in my family room. It's a mixture of old books, review books, and other books I'm sure I'll be reading soon!

Stacy of Stacy's Books shared her TBR mountain with us (I don't think I'm going out on a limb in calling it a mountain; it's so much more than a pile!) and had lots of fun ways for people to win prizes. Thanks for making me feel better about what I own and have yet to read, Stacy!


  1. You could say you had your break early ;) Hope you're able to read for a bit now :)

  2. Happy Read-a-thon!! I'm not participating this year. Although I did finish a book today - it's just that I'm supposed to be furiously working on my project and I sit and stare and allow distractions from it instead. Such an awful feeling and I can't seem to break out my lethargy. How ever will I inspire students when I suffer from that which I see them suffering from? yikes... See? back to studies now.

  3. This just means you will have more energy for the later hours!

  4. A clean house is always a good thing! I hope that you are having lots of fun :)

    Happy Reading!

  5. Your Shelfie is too cute! Thanks for sharing your funny, honest "review" of your read-a-thon experience. (I have never been able to participate as a book blogger, though I hope to, someday.)

  6. Love your shelfie and a clean house is never a bad thing! I've been really wanting to reread Hound of the Baskervilles lately. Thanks for reminding me! Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm hoping to participate next year so I'll remember to clean the house the day before and not stay up too late/have too much wine!