Sunday, April 5, 2015

Life: It Goes On - April 5

Happy Easter!

Wanna know what happens when your daughter dumps a glasss of water on your keyboard? You end up typing up your post on your iPad. Which does not want like to play well with Blogger, at least not when it comes to loading images. Hence, no images today. [Thanks to new keyboard, this can now be corrected!] Looks like Miss H will be buying me a new keyboard!


LISTENING TO: Meg Wolitzer's The Ten-Year Nap. On the fourth disc and I'm not sure where this one is going. So far we're just meeting several women, learning that not many of them seem terribly thrilled about the lives they've chosen. I have a feeling Wolitzer is going to raise my ire eventually; the title seems to imply that the lead character's time as a stay-at-home mom has been largely a waste of time and talent. As a former SAH mom, I'm always sensitive about this issue.

READING: I did it! I finished two Faulkners in a row! Great as they were, I can hardly express how nice it is to be reading something that makes me laugh. Let's Pretend This Never Happened is literally making me LOL. The Big Guy is reading Jim Gaffigan's Food and finding it equally as amusing. We are often interrupting each other's reading to read aloud particularly amusing stories.

WATCHING: NCAA men's basketball, Fixer Upper on HGTV, and Ken Burn's "Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies" on PBS. It was heartbreaking, horrifying, and uplifting all at once. I am so ready to read the book!

 GRATEFUL FOR: Family time! My cousin and her husband stopped through for brunch while on a trip, some of BG's family came for dinner last night, and today we had Easter at my sister's.

FEELING: Like there are not enough days in the weekend. I need time to see people and still get things accomplished!

MAKING: Peach custard pie, lemon bites, hamburger and onion pizza, egg casserole, cherry steel-cut oats, garlic chicken Parmesan, chef's salad. It's been a good week in the kitchen.

ENJOYING: Girl time with Miss H - lunch, shopping, gossip and laughs. I am blessed to have a daughter I so enjoy spending time with.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Finishing some things this week. I have too many projects in the works. Mini-him's room has not been touched since he moved out, neither has the basement. And my photo project has gone too long with being touched.

What are you looking forward to this week?


  1. Too bad about your keyboard.

    I finally finished the book I was reading. Didn't think I ever would but I already read 10% of a new book so that's good. I am so behind.

  2. I've had my eye on The Ten Year nap for a long time... will look forward to your final thoughts. Congrats on two Faulkners. That's quite an accomplishment!

    1. I'm about half through The Ten Year Nap and it's pretty clear at this point that there is really no plot, just a lot of stories about the places in their lives that women find themselves as they reach middle age. What did feminism do for women, are women who work happiest or women who stay home, do they all have wishes for other lives? Food for thought but not terribly compelling in the writing.

  3. Hope you get a new keyboard soon. I always tell myself that I should buy a spill-proof keyboard but never do it. They are always victims of spills - you would think that there would ONLY be spill-proof keyboards, right? Hope you have a great week - I feel too that there are not enough days in the week and have a ton to do at home.

  4. OH NO! about the keyboard. YAY about Fixer Upper - love that show. MMMMmmm about the Peach Custard Pie. I made Blackberry Pear Hand Pies and mini Chocolate Cream with meringue. I love holidays as an excuse for pie.

    1. I'm kind of getting into them again. My dad loves pie and I love being able to spoil him by making something he enjoys so much.

  5. Happy Easter!

    Sorry to hear about the keyboard.

    Can you believe spring is near? While I love winter... I'm ready to plant a garden and am planning my attempt to eat in season from May - Sept. Maybe I should say 'mostly' in season?

    Meg Wolitzer, I'm curious to read your thoughts after finishing the book. Do you remember that we both disliked The Uncoupling?