Thursday, September 3, 2015

Dry Bones: A Longmire Mystery by Craig Johnson - A Guest Review

Dry Bones: A Longmire Mystery by Craig Johnson
Published May 2015 by Penguin Publishing Group
Source: this copy courtesy of the publisher in exchange for an honest review

I've talked before about our love for the television series "Longmire" (previously on A and E, soon to begin again on Netflix) which we weren't even aware, in the beginning, were based on a series of books by Craig Johnson. When I was offered the chance to read and review Johnson's latest book about Walt Longmire and his cohorts, I knew the person who should do it would be The Big Guy. So, without further ado, here's his review of a book that he raced through.

The Big Guy's Thoughts:

I've been a big fan of the Longmire TV show since nearly the beginning when my brother turned me on to it, so I was really looking forward to reading the book.  Of course, like Harry Potter,  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and other books recently that have become block busters, you are always comparing.

I thought Walt, as written, was pretty close to as played in the show, as was Henry Standing Bear.  The rest of the characters are definitely different and many in the show are not in the book.  Vic is tougher and has a filthier mouth than Vic in the show, but I like her in the book as well, if not better.  She has edgy comedic timing.

What I think could have been improved in the book is more depth of character development.  Vic, Henry and Walt were pretty complete, but there were a lot of characters introduced that come in and out and I would prefer fewer characters being more involved.  I also tired of Walt being out in the 'outback' around the dig site getting caught in storms and washed down the draws and gully like a turd being flushed.  Maybe vary the action for more variety of situations.

However, the book was a fun read and as I mentioned I really liked the three main characters. The book definitely keeps your attention and keeps you wanting to come back for more. The premise around the dinosaur find and conflict created by the various parties at war over it, with a mix of mystery and murder, made it interesting.   Mr. Johnson's writing style is engaging and fits like Walt's old animal skin coat.  I think it can be enjoyed by men and women both and I would certainly recommend it for a good relaxing summer read.

Thanks, Big Guy! Now if we can just hang in there until September 10th, when Season Four of the television series starts on Netflix. In the meantime, we might just have to pick up a couple more books from the series.

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  1. I've only seen a couple episodes of the show and wasn't quite as taken with it as many are. I love the books though. It's one of the series my husband and I like to both read. I'm a little behind with the books though and haven't gotten to this one yet.