Tuesday, September 1, 2015

R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril X

It's that time of year again - time for spookie-ookie, horrifying, supernatural reading with a whole bunch of other like minded people. In other words, it's time, starting today, for R.I.P. - Readers Imbibing Peril. This is the challenges tenth year! While Carl (of Stainless Steel Droppings whose brainchild R.I.P. was) will still be around, for this year he's turned the challenge over to the ladies of The Estella Society.

As always, there are a number of levels you can jump in at, including a level for short stories, screen, and a group readalong. Any mystery, suspense, thriller, horror, supernatural, dark fantasy, or gothic novel will work. 

Given that I've just read a couple of mysteries in a row, I'm feeling a little bit like it's time to get to something different but I can't resist so I'm jumping in for Peril The Third which means I only have to read one book to succeed. My plan for this year is Sarah Water's Fingersmith which I've been saving for a while. I can't wait!

Peril of The Short Story is going to allow me to know off something off my Classics Club Challenge list - a reread of Charlotte Perkins Gilman. IF I am really feeling it, I'll know off a second challenge read and pick up The Fall of The House of Usher. 'Cause you really out to read some Poe this time of year, right?

Although I'm not a big scary movie watcher, it's practically a given that I'll catch one of the scary movies that will be on nonstop in October so I'm throwing this one in as well. Although, I'm thinking I'll be trying to find some Dark Shadows on Netflix and relive my youth. Don't tell my mom I used to watch this, though!

Are you going to be joining us? If so, what books are you considering? If not, do you find yourself getting wrapped up in the Halloween spirit with your reading?


  1. One words describes my feelings about this event... yesssssss! I have to get my stuff together and join up.

  2. Fingersmith is great - I just know you'll enjoy it!