Sunday, September 20, 2015

Life: It Goes On - September 20

Didn't mean to go missing at the end of last week and I can't even say it was because I was busy or even reading a lot. Just regular old life.

I was hoping to join in the Dog Days of Summer readathon this weekend. Then I remembered two things: The Big Guy would want to do something on Friday night and football. I am prone to spend most of fall Saturdays watching college football, not just my Huskers. Ditto the reason I didn't participate in Bloggiesta this weekend even though I really need to get some work done on the blog.

This Week I'm:

Listening To: Still Finn by Jon Clinch and really enjoying it a lot. Ed Sala does a terrific job narrating. In fact, even though my dad has already read the book, I may pass the audiobook along to him because I think it would enjoy it all over again as read by Sala.

Watching: Lots of football, some baseball and the finale of "American's Got Talent," a show that BG enjoys quite a lot, although I'm often perplexed by what constitutes talent and the voters' choices.

Reading: I've not done a lot of reading this week. I started Annie Hawes' Extra Virgin for Fall Feasting reading. I do always enjoy a book about tourists in foreign lands finding themselves falling in love and making a new home.

Making: It must be fall - I'm in the mood to be in the kitchen! Yesterday I made both chicken and vegetarian risotto, peach/blueberry crisp and lasagna. BG made a wonderful sandwich the other night - rare roast beef, fresh picked tomato and lots of creamy avocado - to go with our other standby this time of year, BLT's.

Planning: We don't have much on the calendar this week so the plan is to get down to the basement and put it back in order and make it usable for Mini-him to hang out in with friends again.

Grateful for: Kids who love their grandparents so much and so hope to see them stay in their home as long as possible that they will give up most of a Sunday to go help them with things they need done around the place. Some fun may have been had as well!

Enjoying: Celebrating one of my fav people's getting to start the next phase of her life.

Feeling: Tired but satisfied with a very productive weekend.

Looking forward to: Omaha Lit Fest. It's a month away yet but I've already had to break the news to BG that we can't go on a trip that weekend because I will not miss it.

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