Sunday, July 31, 2022

Life: It Goes On - July 31

Happy Sunday! We have enjoyed a really lovely weekend here - a break between one heat wave the next. I'm heading out shortly to get the windows washed outside before it's so hot again that they dry to fast. Then, even though I have way too much that needs to be done today, I may just get out all of the patio cushions and enjoy some time out there before it's too hot to do it again for a while. 

Last Week I: 

 Listened To: I finished The Girl In His Shadow and started Erica Bauermeister's the Scent Keeper. I've enjoyed her books before but 25% through this one, I'm not so sure about it.

Watched: Nightmare Alley, Les Miserable (again!), and a couple of episodes of Inventing Anna

Read: I returned Nightcrawling without finishing it. It was just too hard a read for me right now. So now I'm reading Ruth Ware's latest, The It Girl and Marisa Renee Lee's Grief Is Love (my sister is reading this with me). 

Made: We've been back to salads this week and tacos with the super low calorie tortillas. They're ok but I miss real flour tortillas!

Great-grandpa charming one of the little princes and 
Hardwood Dash at Deer Springs Winery
 Yesterday we went into Lincoln to see family. My niece and her family were staying part of the day and overnight with my dad so we enjoyed dinner with them (and especially time with my great-nephews!). Then we went to a winery where we met The Big Guy's brother and his wife and got to hear the band that TBG used to play with (he and they have been friends for 45 years!). It was a lovely evening sitting outside and we are so happy to have TBG's brother and his wife living in Lincoln now so we can see more of them. 

This Week I’m:  

Planning: My dad and I will be visiting a couple of independent living places here in town. He's sad to think about leaving the home he's lived in for over 50 years but ready to be somewhere he won't be alone come winter. Me, too. 

Thinking About: Healing. I was feeling so much better but have regressed some in the past couple of weeks. So I'm working hard this weekend to move forward again. I'm tired of having to work around this - making sure I'm sitting in the right kind of chair, making sure I can get up and move often enough, taking care to move just right.

Feeling: Happy. My kitty, who was so sick last Sunday that we ended up with her in the urgent pet care for 18 hours and who we could hardly get to get anything for several days afterward, is finally getting back to herself. 

Looking forward to: Having my dad with us overnight on Tuesday and hopefully, finally getting to have Mini-him's birthday dinner. 

Question of the week: We haven't been able to get in a real vacation this summer. Have you? Tell me all about it if you have - I want to live vicariously through your trips!

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