Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Commenting and Social Media Policies

I don't do the Weekly Geek Meme but I saw this at Sophisticated Dorkiness and Kim inspired me to give these things some thought and get a plan down in writing (so to speak).

  • I try to respond to all comments by email if I don't get the nasty "no-reply" when I try to reply. I'm not good about going back to blogs where I've left comments because there are always so many new posts to read so I guess I don't expect you to come back looking for a response either. Sometimes I will leave an answer in a comment in response because I think it might be of interest in the thread. But -- shhh, don't tell -- I check the comments a lot from work where I can get to my mail but not to my blog. That's the main reason I don't respond in comments--I can't get there!
  • I try to follow all of the blogs from the people who leave comments so I may not visit your blog after each comment but I will be there before long.
  • I usually publish all comments that are left. Even a fairly nasty one that was left early in my blogging career because it gave me a chance to respond and prove the commenter wrong.
Thank you so much for all of the comment love!

Social Media

This is an area I continue to work on. Any suggestions are more than welcome!
Blogs: If you follow me, I'll follow you. I assume that we must have some similar tastes or you wouldn't be following me, right? If I'm not following you and you're one of my followers, please let me know and I'll get that corrected.

Email: I already told you how I handle comments that I find out about through email. If you email me directly, chances are you'll hear back within 24 hours. If it's a book pitch, I may not respond if it's something I'm not interested in reading. As often as not, I'm not responding because I've simply taken on more than I can handle and really don't have time to accept any new books.

Facebook: My Facebook account is pretty much for my personal use only. Mostly because I figure that you already get more than enough information about me and my family as it is just from reading my book. But I don't rule out adding anyone who wants to read even more about what my kids are up to or what my sister thinks about what I'm up to.

Twitter: The more the merrier! Chances are that if you're a blogger, an author or a publicist I'm not going to block you from following me and will probably follow you as well. Just know that I'm really kind of a boring Twitterer.

Goodreads/Library Thing/Ning: I'm fairly active on Goodreads and belong to a number of groups there. Not too active on Ning and hardly ever remember to check in with Library Thing. I find it to not be very user friendly and may soon drop it altogether. But you're welcome to find me any of those places if you want.

Any social media outlets I'm missing that I really should join? I hope the answer is "no" because I'm having a hard enough time keeping up with all of this as it is! :-)


  1. I think you have all of the social outlets covered!!! I'm really trying to limit what I do because if I don't then I wouldn't have time to have a life!! LOL!!!

  2. I think you covered just about everything, Lisa. :-)

    I respond to comments on my own blog--and since it has a subscribe to comments feature, I figure whoever wants to catch my response, can find it that way. I considered using e-mail for a while, but it proved to be more difficult for me. Receiving responses to comments I leave on blogs, however, I'll take any way they come. :-) I really appreciate that you take the time to respond to comments.

    I use LibraryThing mostly for cataloging my books. I love it. I am not very social there or on GoodReads though. And I keep forgetting I belong to the Book Blog Ning.

  3. ha! I can't think of any other social media outlets you *NEED* to know about! If you do find out, don't tell me.

  4. Interesting post... I agree with you on emailing back the people who leave comments on your posts. I've found that to be the easiest way too unless its pertinent to the post and the ensuing comments. I never can remember to go back and look for answers either! LOL

  5. I'm enjoying reading everyone's thoughts... I will add this to my 'about me' page (when I have the time to think it through). I will be late to this party...

    On Friday I received an email from someone that really bugged me... she's upset that she hasn't received the book (she won) from the publisher yet and has threatened to 'smear my name' (her words)...


  6. Great idea here. I think you've covered about everything. I especially like your comments policy.

  7. I definitely limit the social media!! It can suck you dry.