Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Salon - March 7

So many fun, bookish things to tell you about this week. Which is a lucky thing for you--you'll be spared having to hear about my family this week!

From comes a list of the top 15 contenders for the Pulitzer Prize in literature which will be announced on Monday, April 12th. How many have you read? I'm woefully behind on this list! has made several significant updates to their site to make finding book sales easier. Now we just need to spread the word to those that have book sales to get them added to the site.

You've got to check out this building made of books. Can you even imagine how many books or how much time it took to do this?
I'm doing much better on reading the books nominated for an Indie Choice Book Award. You'll recognize a lot of blogger favorites on these lists.

Finally, Cathy Marie Buchanan's The Day The Falls Stood Still is one of the nominees in the Canada Also Reads competition. If you've read this one and enjoyed it, please take a minute and vote for Cathy! I really liked this book; you can see my review here.

Now I'm off to get gussied up for an Academy Awards show! It's always a train wreck but I just can't stop watching it!


  1. I haven't read any of the books mentioned for the Pulitzer. I will be anxious to hear who the winner is though!

  2. That building made out of books is quite a feat! Sounds like my house, but not as orderly :)

  3. Love the building of books! Would love to see it in person, can't imagine constructing it. I don't have the patience. Looking at it makes my book collection look skimpy, but that's a problem I'm happy to work on.

  4. I'm not very good about following award lists, I confess. I haven't read any of the 15 titles, only having ever heard of a handful at all to be honest.

    Wow! That's quite a building made of books!

    I haven't yet read The Day the Falls Stood Still, but it's on my must read list. I have a copy sitting on my desk to try and get to this year.

    I hope you have a great week, Lisa! I hope you enjoyed the Academy Awards show!

  5. I haven't read any of the 15 titles mentioned in the Pulitzer article. That cell of books is pretty amazing!! I wasn't a fan of The Day the Falls Stood Still, sorry!

  6. Thanks for again plugging my book and for posting about Canada Also Reads.


  7. I have not read any on the Pulitzer list and only 1 on the Indie list!