Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bloggiesta - It's A Wrap

Wow! I got so much more done with my blog than I was expecting to this weekend. I didn't manage to cross everything off my list but that's mostly because I got completely distracted by the idea of creating a new header. Picasa and I had quite a few angry words but I finally figured out how to use it for some of the work and the Microsoft editor for the final piece. If you were up really late Saturday night watching my blog, you would have noticed some very strange configurations popping up. Of course a new header lead to a whole new look. I like it so much better now that it looks more personal but it remains a work in progress.

Here are my goals and what I got done:

* clean up my labels   - done with this as much as I'm planning on doing (or not-looks like this will be ongoing)
* create a comprehensive list by title of all of the books I've reviewed here - in progress
* get caught up on my feed reader and clean it up
* learn to use Google tools to organize my review books better  - decided my calendar will work but got an   idea that will allow me to use Blogger to work with the calendar
* clean up my email
* create new header
* check out at least five of the mini-challenges and try to join in some of the Twitter conversations

1. The Bluestocking Society's Five Ways To Spiff Up Your Blog Challenge
2. Fiction State of Mind's Events Challenge
3. Melony's Musings Five Tips To Write Book Reviews Faster
4. Katie's Book Blog Twitter & You (finally feeding my post directly to Twitter!)
5. Beth Fish Reads:  Labels and Tags (oh, sure I found this one after I spent hrs on my tags & gave up on them--now back to it!

All in all, a very productive weekend...if you don't look any where in my house. The blog looks better, the house, not so much!


  1. So glad you got some things done and found useful challenges and posts to help out! I too didn't finish everything I set out to, but I had a marvelous time nonetheless.

  2. ugh, tags&categories!!


    PS - I have a giveaway of A.S.Byatt's Angels & Insects - you said you wanted to read it?

  3. Oh wow! The blog looks amazing! I am glad that you got so many of your goals accomplished! Great job!

  4. Looks like you got quite a bit done - yay!!! I had a few of the same tasks on my to-do list and got most of them done! My big daunting task was to create a review archive page, which took a whole day to do but it's done. Still might tweak it, but I could cross it off my list!

    I plan on going back to do some of the mini-challenges that I didn't get to and I can't wait for the next Bloggiesta - I already have a list going of what I want to do.

  5. I like it too because it does seem more personal!! Great job on crossing things off and it looks great!

  6. Congratulations on being so productive! I need a bit of discipline as I'm so behind on reviews!

  7. I like reading your lists almost as much as I like creating my own. Isn't it a great feeling to cross things off?

  8. Say more about the calender thing?

  9. I love the new look of your blog. You accomplished a lot. well done.

  10. So wish I had had time to do bloggiesta, I def. need to do a number of these things as well! Great projects, and the blog looks terrific. I am also curious about how you plan to use the calendar!

  11. Pretty header!!! Are those your kiddos? And the tabs! You did a lot of housecleaning during Bloggeista!