Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Salon - April 15

If you're seeing this now, then it can only mean that we've survived the storms! For most of the past week, forecasts were for us to be blown off the map on Saturday and the dire predictions just kept getting worse as the day approached. I almost fled to the basement for protection early Saturday morning just to be on the safe side! Fortunately, we only got quite a lot of heavy storms. Sadly, others were not so fortunate.

I made good use of all of that nervous energy and got a lot done around the house but I was too jumpy to sit and read. I may never finish Edith Wharton's The House of Mirth at this pace! To make reading matters worse, I've lost a book I got for a scheduled review. That's never happened before and I can't imagine where it could have gone. It was on my desk and now it isn't. Where could a book possibly have gone on its own?

Must finish my taxes up yet today - I'm never in a rush to do them when I know I'll be paying but I'm always a bit miffed at myself for putting them off so long! Doing taxes for four people has seriously cut into my reading time, as well, which makes me dislike them even more!

This week's reading will include my weekly assignment for Bleak House,  at least a hundred or so pages of The House of Mirth, and maybe even I can get a start on Ron Rash's latest, The Cove. What are you reading this week?


  1. So glad to hear you survived the turmoil that threatened so many of my friends and family in NE and KS!

    but taxes saved to last minute?! I gleefully and happily pay someone to do my taxes - can't bear the frustration of it and we found such a NICE dedicated and sharp person to do them. I still can't believe that I paid someone $500 to do our taxes once and that was YEARS ago and in Omaha NE. huh. but whatever. I do admire people and applaud you for doing them yourself.

  2. Glad you guys are safe! Do you have a storm shelter? We don't even have basements in Dallas but my sister-in-law who lives out in the country (west of Fort Worth) does have a storm shelter. Kind of surreal...

    Good luck with Bleak House this week! I have about 25 pages left in Kitchen Counter Cooking School. I've told myself I"ll then finish the other book I've been reading for months (What Mothers Do), but I kind of want to read something fun. Maybe Night Circus? We'll see.

  3. Did the storms come through your area? I hate seeing those weather warnings that say things like, "loss of life imminent."

  4. I am so happy to hear that you are all safe! I've been so worried about everyone that lives out that way!!

    How does a book get up and walk away? Hope you find it! Have a great week and I pray that the skies are calm and blue for you all!

  5. Glad you're still on the map!

  6. I just got done with my son's taxes too! I'm so glad we had the extra 2 days this year.

  7. Glad you are safe! When I asked AWP to check in and let me know 'he's okay', he made it sound like nothing big... boys. :)

    Taxes for one.... or four... sounds like torture. I will pick the book today and send to you so you have it for tomorrow's BC. :)

  8. So glad everyone is okay. Those weather forecasts for your region were pretty scary.

    How did you lose that book? You probably just picked it up with other stuff. I do that all the time. It will turn up.