Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bloggiesta Ole!

More like "Bloggiesta Oh my how did that sneak up on me?" I don't have much time for it this spring (I really must get everyone's taxes done today plus all of the student loan applications) but I have several things I'd either like to get done. I'll make myself a little list here and hope you'll keep me responsible for getting caught up on some things that have "piled up" in the past few months.

1. Read all posts in my reader.
2. Research a new reader (curse you, Google!).
3. Clean up my email.
4. Get back to using my blogging notebook. All updated
5. Write 4 posts.
6. Update my favorite books of 2013.
7. Set up a "loose" reading schedule for the spring.
8. Get "The Windup Chronicles" downloaded to my Nook for the upcoming readalong.
9. Clean up my blog roll.
10. 2 mini-challenges.

Are you joining the fun this weekend? If so, what's your number one goal for the weekend?

Mini-challenge #1:
Jenn, aka The Picky Girl has done the research for us regarding new feed readers. I must admit that I may be even more confused than I was to begin with. I didn't even know there were so many options! I think I'm leaning to either Bloglovin or Feedly but both have advantages and disadvantages. I really only just got around to using a lot of the features of Google Reader and I'm not ready to give some of them up. It does seem like Feedly is working to add some of those features for those of us looking to make a switch. But I like the look of Bloglovin better. What's a girl to do?? Maybe I'll just close my eyes, plug my ears and pretend I don't have to make a change? Or hope that Google hears our cries?

Mini-challenge #2
Jenn of Jenn's Bookshelves previously hosted a mini-challenge for organizing your books. I'm pretty surprised to find that I've never done this one, given how much I love to organize things. Perhaps I didn't have that many review books at the time she hosted this one. At any rate,  I now have a Google Doc spreadsheet to track my review books. I'm not sure that I'll be using all of her tips but I definitely needed a better way to track review books and I'm very excited to have it ready to go.


  1. Happy Bloggiesta! All the best, especially with writing up 4 posts! The Google system situation is one I want to research, too! (Snowed in here so keeping occupied indoors today, although going to grandson's school concert at City Hall tomorrow so we shall be digging our way out)!

  2. I'm with you on #2, which we all have to do, bloggiesta or no!!!

  3. One task down! Good job!

    I decided to go with Bloglovin'. I don't use GR much anyway, but I didn't want to lose all I had there so I switched over. I still read blogs mainly via email subscription.

    Okay, what is your blogging notebook? I'm intrigued and I have a thing for notebooks so please, do tell. =O)

  4. Looks like you are doing great! We have many of the same tasks in our list.

  5. My reader is like my hamper - I can never empty it, or if I do, it never stays that way! I'm already in withdrawal about GReader. I think Bloglovin is only for phones, isn't it?

  6. Another blogger recommended Taptu, and it looks pretty awesome, so if you're still undecided, check it out.

    To lessen the amount of info, these are the top readers, based on comments: Feedly (or Feedly Plus), Bloglovin, Taptu, and The Old Reader. Maybe narrowing it will help?